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Historical Meredith Documents Online

Over 35,000 pages of documents from the Meredith Archives have been digitized
and are available for your use online.


Oak Leaves
Oak Leaves   The college yearbook,the Oak Leaves, is available online for 1904 through 2022. All years on paper in the Archives.  ACCESS THE YEARBOOKSDigital NC.  Open access without restriction. 


The Herald
Herald and Twig  The college newspaper is named The Herald (formerly The Twig). 1921 through 2022 are available online. Later years available on paper in the Archives. ACCESS THE NEWSPAPERSDigital NC.  Coverage 1921-2022. Open access, no login required. Some years not yet available. Some recent issues are available at


Meredith  Meredith, the alumnae magazine, is available on paper and as pdf files on CD's in the archives. The Meredith magazine is not yet available online. Newer issues are at .


Meredith College Catalogue
The Undergraduate and Graduate college catalogues are available online.  The 1899-2011 catalogues can be accessed here: 1899-2011 catalogues. Due to various title changes, the 1899-2011 catalogues are not in chronological order.
Additionally, Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogues from 2008-2019 can be accessed here:  2008-2019 catalogues
Newer catalogues, from 2014-2019, may also be accessed via the Meredith College website: 2014-2019 catalogues.


Meredith College Student Handbook online
Student Handbook Annual publication of events and student life. Online for 1906-2010. Latest edition is at


A History of Meredith College online
A History of Meredith College The definitive history of Meredith by Dr. Mary Lynch Johnson, 2nd edition, through 1970.


The Vision Revisited
The Vision Revisited: A History of Meredith College 1971-1998 The second volume of Meredith history, by Carolyn Robinson, class of 1950.


Images: A centennial journey
Images: A Centennial Journey A beautiful illustrated volume of Meredith history published in 1991 at the centennial of Meredith's charter. By Suzanne Britt, noted author and Professor in the Department of English.


This Essential Part: The first 1000 of the Library of Baptist Female University
This Essential Part: the First 1,000 Books of the Library of Baptist Female University A fascinating monograph by Dr. Rebecca Murray, class of 1958 and Professor of Education at Meredith.


An Oral history of Meredith College Alumnae
An Oral History of Meredith College Alumnae In depth interviews of 23 alumnae from classes 1912 to 1985, by Jean Batten Cooper, class of 1954.


Park Center Mural Project
Park Center Mural Project: A Celebration of Meredith College Alumnae Companion book to the mural created by Linda Poole FitzSimons, class of 1973 and Professor of Art Emerita.



All material on Archives pages copyright Meredith College unless otherwise indicated.

Meredith College Archives recognizes that some of the content in our digital collections may contain offensive materials and images. We have chosen to include them in the collection because we are committed to representing the institution’s history as accurately as possible. The behavior depicted in the images is in direct violation of the current college policies and honor code and does not in any way reflect the current values of Meredith College.