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Archives Traditions: Introduction

College Archives


A series of brief papers on
Meredith Traditions and History

Rachel Stenbuck, Class of 2005
Ted Waller, Carlyle Campbell Library
Meredith College, Raleigh, N.C.

2002, revised 2011

See tabs at top of page for papers on individual traditions by name.


These papers were written for two purposes. First, the authors want to provide a ready source of accurate information about Meredith traditions and history. Subjects were chosen because the College Archives receives questions in these areas frequently. Second, the only sources for much of the information on these traditions are the memories of participants from past decades. We want to record the information before it is lost to time.

The author of all the papers except one is Rachel Stenbuck, Class of 2005. Rachel is responsible for the interviews, research, writing and documentation, which were done during the Spring 2002 semester. Ted Waller, Head of Technical Services, Carlyle Campbell Library, is the author of the paper on land use history. Revisions to incorporate new information were made in 2011 by Martha Fonville, Archives Assistant.

The authors wish to thank Dr. Jean Jackson and the Meredith College Creative Ideas Fund, which provided financial support for the project.

See tabs at top of page for papers on individual traditions by name.

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