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History Album

A sample of the images collected for over 110 years at Meredith.

1899 Old Main building


1899 - Old Main building. The original campus of Meredith College, then known as The Baptist Female University. It was finished in time to open for the University's first session in Fall 1899, and was located on the corner of Blount and Edenton streets. It was designed by A.G. (Adolphus Gustavus) Bauer, who also designed the Governor's Mansion one block away. Postcard.


Front image of old main


1904 - Name changed from Baptist Female University to Baptist University for Women. Postcard.



Officers of the self governed body


1905 - First student government association officers



Margaret Bright


1907 - Margaret Bright, founder of the Doll Collection, graduates.



Charles Brewer


1915 - Charles Brewer selected as Meredith's 3rd president.



Mary Lynch Johnson


1917 - Mary Lynch Johnson, later Professor of English and author of The History of Meredith College, graduates.



1918 Maypole Festival


1918 - Maypole



1924 Faculty


1924 - Faculty



1926 Johnson Hall


1926 - Brand new Johnson Hall



May Day


1932 - May Day



A stylish student


1934 - Stylish student in Johnson Hall parlor



Class of 1938


1938 - Class of 1938 in traditional senior tradition on Johnson Hall steps.



1940's convertible of students


1940's - Convertible



Library at Johnson Hall


1940's - Library on 2nd floor of Johnson Hall. The floor was removed to make way for the three floor Rotunda.



Arial view of Jones Auditorium 1949


1950s - Aerial view showing Jones Auditorium, completed 1949 (lower right). Also shown are wooden buildings (right) which were for music, arts, sciences, a gymnasium and auditorium.



Chemistry students


1959 - Future chemists at work. Hunter Hall opens to serve science programs