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Dr. Campbell's Personal Library


Dr. Campbell

     Carlyle Campbell, president of Meredith from 1939-1966, was respected and beloved by students for his personal and caring manner towards everyone he met.  He also had a talent for interpreting the intellectual ideas studied at Meredith in a way that resonated with students.  His talks were so memorable that in 1996, 30 years after he retired, alumnae published a collection called Chapel Talks.

     Upon his death in 1977, Dr. Campbell’s personal library, books he used to stimulate and expand his considerable intellect, came to the College Archives.  This important collection reflects Dr. Campbell’s view of life and the world.  With this in mind the Archives produced a complete bibliography and, where appropriate, added books to the library’s circulating collection.

Bibliography Of the Personal Library of Dr. Carlyle Campbell:  In Excel Format     In pdf Format


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