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New Faculty Information: Academic Policies

Links to information important to new faculty

Faculty Handbook

Core academic policy information can be found in the Faculty Handbook (requires login). The box below gives the location within the handbook for some of the most frequently used policies.

Academic Policies

Academic Freedom

  • Faculty Handbook § 2.1 (p. 118)

Academic Privacy (Academic Policies, Registration)

Attendance Policy for Students (Academic Policies, Class Attendance)

Copyright infringement

Evaluations (Faculty Evaluation)

Examination Policies (Academic Policies, Final Examinations)

  • Faculty Handbook § 2.6 (p. 120)

Grading (Academic Policies, Grading)

Inclement Weather policies

  • Faculty Handbook § 2.3 (p. 120)
  • We encourage students to check MyMeredith for messages from their instructor when classes are cancelled. This should help those who wish to make up missed time via out-of-class assignments or by holding the class on-line.
  • You should sign up for the MC Alerts--the campus emergency communication system. Find the sign-up form on WebAdvisor.

Intellectual Property Policy

Library Information and Procedures

  • Faculty Handbook;§ 2.12 (p. 125)

Office Hours (Faculty Workload)

  • Faculty Handbook sect; 4.11 (at the end of the Faculty Workload policy) (p. 167)

Syllabus (Academic Policies, Syllabi)

Teacher and Student (includes excused;absences) (Academic Policies, Teacher and Student)

  • Faculty Handbook § 2.2 (p. 118)