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New Faculty Information: Resources for Classroom Support

Links to information important to new faculty

Resources Information

College Bookstore (Online for textbooks)

Getting Supplies

Work with your department head and departmental assistant to get supplies you need for your classroom. Most supplies not already on campus will be delivered to the College overnight. Supplies purchased by individual faculty members without prior approval may not be eligible for reimbursement.

Audiovisual Equipment and Training (data projectors, Zoom Room devices, overhead projectors, TVs, cameras, speaker systems, etc.)

Most audiovisual equipment is supplied by and supported by Media Services. Contact them at (919)760-8444 for special needs and training on media equipment (giving as much advance notice as possible). Faculty are expected to operate their own equipment in the classroom. For more information, visit the Media Services web site.

Software and Computer Needs

  • For occasional laptop access, the library has a pool of laptops for loan
  • To reserve a computer lab for an individual class meeting, contact the Technology Services Help Desk ((919)760-2323) 
  • To have software loaded onto computers in a lab, contact the Technology Services Help Desk ((919)760-2323)
  • You can load printer drivers onto your computer for campus printing. The drivers are here (requires login).
  • For training on computer resources, contact Technology Services . (requires login)
  • For information about technology support for students, visit the Student Computing page.

About making copies

Materials for your courses should be prepared in advance so copies can be made by Print and Copy Services (requires login). Visit their website for video tutorials on setting up an account and placing a copy order or go directly to their ordering system (requires login). A departmental assistant or student worker may be willing to pick up copies for you.

If you are really desperate and need less than 25 copies of something, there are copy machines in each classroom building, three in the library, and one in the Cate Center. Your Camcard has a departmental account connected to it that you can use for these machines. Your department is charged for each copy made on these machines and the cost per copy is two to three times what Copy Services charges. If you need quality copies, color, collating, etc., but have only an hour or so to spare, Copy Services can usually provide "quick copying" for a significant charge.

For more information contact Kevin Walker ((919)760-8677)

Facilities Services (The people who clean and maintain our campus)

Things I didn't know when I came and never would have thought to ask so I had to learn the hard way ...

Work with your department head to get:

  • Contact information for department head and departmental assistant
  • Camcard (the Meredith ID card)
  • Parking Pass
  • Office key
  • Telephone and voice mail account
  • Department long distance account number for phone
  • Copier/printer accounts for Camcard
  • Department fax number
  • E-mail account
  • BrightSpace account (for online course resources)
  • Web Advisor account (provides access to class rosters, online grade submission, student advising data)
  • On campus computer access (Laptops are only provided to adjunct faculty who demonstrate an ongoing pedagogical need, however, every adjunct should have access to a desktop computer with access to printing and the Internet.)

If you need someone to cover a class for you, many offices would be glad to talk with your students on a variety of topics. Please give these offices at least a day or two's notice of your need:

  • Diversity, Honor System, Title IX/Sexual violence -- contact the Dean of Students, (919)760-8521
  • Leadership and Campus Involvement -- contact the Director of Student Leadership and Services, (919)760-8338
  • Study skills, time managment, academic advising, four year planning --contact Academic Advising (919)760-8088
  • Major selection, careers for specific fields, and job search preparation strategies -- contact Career Planning, (919)760-8341
  • (With at least two weeks notice) Healthy relationships, assertiveness, stress management -- contact the Counseling Center, (919)760-8677

The Hard Way

Things I didn’t know when I came


and never would have thought to ask


so I had to








way …




Table of Contents

   The Lay of the Land                                                                     

  •  Money Matters                                        
  •  Meals and Snacks                                    
  •  Mail Services                                           
  •  Campus Store                                            
  •  Book Orders                                           
  •  Security                                                   
  •  Traditions                                                


  •  Library                                       
  •  Making Copies                                        
  •  Technology                                              


  •  Health Coverage                                      
  •  Fitness Center
  •  Child Care                                               

 Student Services

  •  Counseling                                               
  •  Student Life                                            

 Academic Policies                                        
 Faculty Development Opportunities          



Things I didn’t know when I came and would never have thought to ask so I had to learn the hard way …………


The Lay of the Land


1.  Pay: Your check is deposited into your bank account on the 25th of every month (including summer months). 

2.  Cash: With a picture ID in hand, you can cash a personal check in the campus store ($50 limit).  There is also an ATM machine in the Cate Center.  You can withdraw cash but cannot make deposits. 

3.  Parking: You need a parking decal to park in faculty lots.  The decal is free; to get one, you will need to go to the Campus Police office and fill out a form. 

4.  Camcard ID: You will need a faculty photo ID, also called a Camcard.  The Camcard office is located in the Campus Police Office.  You may deposit money on these cards in the Accounting Office using cash or online with a credit card (for a fee).  Use the card to buy meals in the dining hall or in the BeeHive, in some drink machines, all copy machines, many printers, and at the campus store.  Camcards are needed to enter the computer labs, fitness center, and for check out at the library as well.

5.  Meals: Belk Dining Hall is a great place to meet and talk with faculty members of other departments, whether you buy your meal or bring it from home.  Faculty may purchase meals at a substantial discount.  In the basement of the dining hall are smaller rooms called the Oak Room and the Dogwood Suite that can be reserved for meetings (through Campus Events). The ARAMark  team does a very nice job of catering campus events.  They do need advance notice!  See their website,, for more information.   

6.  Snacks: The BeeHive in the Cate Center is a convenient place to get a quick bite to eat.  They offer a variety of foods and are open longer hours than the dining hall. Food For Thought in the Library also offers snacks and grab and go options. 

7.  Lounging: There are faculty lounges in most buildings with such amenities as coffee, kitchens, and even copiers--great for meeting and socializing with folks in your building.                                          

8.    Mail: There is a small mail rack in your building, containing a pigeonhole with your name on it, that overflows with invitations, memos, announcements, contests, and, occasionally, real mail.  U.S. mail arrives at the post office in the Cate Center and is distributed to your mail slot. Inter-campus mail will be delivered without charge, including mail to students with campus addresses.  Intercampus mail envelopes are available.  Ask the departmental assistant about them.  The college will post your academic business letters for you.  The college post office also serves as a UPS dispatch point.

Ralph Waldo Emerson gives instructions on mail in his essay on Napoleon:

Napoleon directed Bourrienne to leave all his letters unopened for three weeks, and then observed with satisfaction how large a part of the correspondence had thus disposed of itself and no longer required an answer.

9.  Campus Store: The campus store carries Meredith paraphernalia, cards, snacks, and personal supplies as well as school supplies; they will give you a 10% discount, if you remind them.  To acquire teaching and office supplies, check with your department assistant.

10. Texts: You are expected to select all of the texts for your classes. Required texts for upcoming academic terms should be selected and listed before registration begins for that term. Post text selections to the online bookstore: For more information about the bookstore, see this site and contact Assistant Provost, Sarah Kibler ( You should order your own desk copy and request ancillaries from the publishers.  One of the perks of being college faculty is that you can often receive free desk copies of texts that you will consider for adoption. 

11.  Library Book Orders: You are now a bibliographer for the library in charge of recommending acquisitions to support your teaching areas.  Submit your requests to Carrie Nichols (, in the library.

12.  Campus Security: The Campus Security Department offers many services.  In addition to handling campus security, coordinating with local law enforcement and emergency services, and monitoring parking violations, they manage Meredith buses and make Camcards.  If you plan to be in Meredith’s buildings between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am, they have asked to be notified.  Contact Campus police for bus usage policies if you wish to reserve one of the College’s 12 or 15 passenger buses for off-campus student trips.  Note that request must be received at least two weeks in advance, there is a 300-mile trip limit, and drivers must have attended Campus Police bus driver training within the last three years. 

13. Regalia: Meredith faculty process in academic regalia several times a year.  If you want to rent or buy regalia, contact the Campus Store in the Cate Center.  They will send out a reminder notice. 

14.  The 10:00 hour:  Meredith does not have classes MWF 10-11am.  On Wednesday mornings there are voluntary college-wide worship services.  It is expected that no other meetings or appointments will be scheduled during this time. MF 10-11am are often used for convocations, faculty development opportunities, as well as committee and departmental meetings.  Faculty attendance at convocations is expected. 

15.  Culture: To keep you (and your students) informed about cultural (high and low) opportunities in the area, get in the habit of picking up the area’s free weekly, The Independent, often available in the lobbies of Johnson Hall, Gaddy-Hamrick art building, and the Cate Center.  Free tickets to “Meredith Performs” are available for you and your family, as well.  

16. Inclement Weather: The official policy is found in 2.3 of the faculty handbook. Meredith may hold classes despite inclement weather.  Exceptions due to snow and ice will be announced via MCAlert, college email, the college website and Facebook page, as well as local media outlets.  Even if the college is not closed, you may cancel your classes in the event of bad weather.  We encourage you to post an announcement on MyMeredith so that your students have information about specific classes.  Notify your department head and departmental assistant if the college is not closed.  You are required to state your weather policy on your syllabus for each course.

17.  Class cancellation:  If you are able, notify your department head and departmental assistant whenever you cancel class.  Use a MyMeredith announcement to communicate schedule changes to your students.

18.   Tribal Rites: Each year in November, you will witness an ancient, mystical celebration called Cornhuskin’.  This involves a series of skits and class competitions performed by the students, sometimes in spite of the faculty. Students often ask faculty to serve as judges for skits or to participate in some other way. In the spring, there is another class competition called Stunt.  Also, every four years the faculty gives a dramatic performance of Alice in Wonderland for students.

19.  Publications: Each week on Wednesday, the weekly edition of the Meredith Herald is circulated on campus.  It is usually in an accessible area in classroom buildings, in Johnson Hall outside the Registrar’s office, and in the lobby at the Cate Center.  Each spring, the Colton Review, a work of poetry, short stories, and photography by Meredith faculty and students, is published.  The year book, Oak Leaves, is published in the fall.  Copies of previous editions are in the library. Campus Connections, an online publication for Meredith employees, features campus events, updates on alumni and describes special faculty or faculty/student projects.



1.  Library: In Meredith’s Carlyle Campbell Library, you have virtually unlimited privileges, although you will have to renew books every year. The library keeps a display of newly released books at the exit.  Faculty (and students) have more limited privileges at the libraries of the Cooperating Raleigh Colleges (like NC State).  To obtain a faculty CRC card, go by the main desk in the Carlyle Campbell Library.  The reference staff will be very helpful to you in obtaining books through interlibrary loan.  The library also has the Scantron grading equipment and a large laminating machine. For more information contact Media Services (8444) 

2.  High-tech Teaching: Talk to Media Services (8444) about procuring AV/Media Services resources as well as  bringing  non-print media into your classroom.  Also, talk to the staff in Technology Services (2323) for computer support in the classroom.

3.  Library Spaces:  You or your students may reserve group study rooms and the Freeman Room (an instructional lab).  The library has a reserve system (for books, articles, and videos) you can have your students use on their own.

4. Other Space: To reserve college space (auditorium, classroom after hours, etc.), talk to the Campus Events Office (8533).

5.  Copies:   Materials for your courses should be prepared in advance so copies can be made by the Print and Copy Center.  If you are really desperate and need less than 25 copies of something, there are copy machines in each classroom building, three in the library, and one in the Cate Center.  Your camcard has a departmental account code on it.  Your department is charged for each copy made on these machines and the cost per copy is higher than what the Print and Copy Center charges.  If you need quality copies, color, collating, etc., but have only an hour or so to spare, the Print and Copy Center can usually provide “quick copying” for a significant charge. For questions about copy services contact Kevin Walker (8677).

6.   Computing:   Computer labs are available to you and your students whenever classes are not scheduled to use them.  To reserve a computer lab for a class meeting, call (8533).  You must use your Camcard to enter the labs.   The Freeman Room in the library may also be reserved.  Contact the library reference desk (8095).



1.  Health Benefits: Meredith College contributes towards your health insurance premium.  You may purchase dependent health coverage if needed. You may also have a portion of your salary deducted from your monthly check and set up in a tax-free Flex account for you to use for child care and non-covered health costs.  You will need to file for reimbursement from these funds.  You may pick the forms up in the Human Resources Office in Park Center. These plans operate on strict deadlines so file promptly. The Human Resources Office can talk with you about plan deadlines and also provide more information about retirement and disability plans.

2.  Wellness: Faculty, staff and students  may use the Lowery Fitness Center.  All other recreational facilities may be used by you and your family, when they are not in use by students. Talk to the NHHP departmental assistant (8546) about a locker.   Consider participating in the WOW program (Working on Wellness), Meredith's faculty and staff wellness program.

3.  Infant/Toddler Day Care: The Ellen Brewer House offers a top-quality day care center for children aged 6 weeks to 2 years; however, numbers are severely limited and tuition is expensive.  Call the director (8628) for more information.  For additional child care help call Wake County Child Care Resource and Referral Agency at 571-1520.

4.  Student babysitters: #1: Do not call HES faculty or Departmental Assistants to inquire about babysitters.  # 2: Students are not allowed to babysit children on campus.  # 3:  The Financial Aid office maintains a notebook where you may advertise for a babysitter.  #4: Generally speaking, Meredith students are highly regarded as babysitters so advertise early, pay well, and don’t give out their names to your friends.


Student Services

1.  Counseling: Two special resource people you will want to get to know are the campus minister and head of disabilities services.  The campus minister (8346), is available for talking with students and faculty, especially in regard to issues of personal values. Disabilities Services staff log long hours with a wide variety of issues from anorexia to zeroes on tests. When you detect a troubled student, talk with them (8427) about a strategy or about getting the student to the counseling center.  Staff in the Counseling Center can give you guidance on accommodating students with learning disabilities.

2. Student Life: To learn more about student clubs, the honor codes, and college traditions, refer to the student handbook.

3.  Meredith Television: The Media Services department manages Meredith's cable television system. As part of the system there is a campus notice board that you can use to post announcements. The library also offers a digital media room that allows students to access required videos on their schedule. Call x8444 for more details. 

4.  Still More: The Office of Student Leadership and Service (x8338) can offer a host of special services and resources, including the following:

  • copies of campus organization constitutions
  • bulletin board banner paper for 25¢ per foot 

This office acts as a resource and referral agent for all of Meredith’s student organizations in the areas of programming, fund raising, event planning, and budgeting.  This office also assists in the organization and implementation of leadership programs including officer training, conferences, and retreats.  Refer to the Student Activities Calendar to see what is happening on campus.


Academic Policies

1.  During the registration period and the drop/add period, you need to be in your office available to students.  During the regular term you are expected to maintain regular office hours.

2.  Post regular office hours on your door or bulletin board and try to be in your office when you say you will.  If you can’t be there, telephone your department assistant or a colleague to put a note to that effect on your door.  Otherwise students will beleaguer your colleagues to find out why your office hours aren’t as advertised.

3. Every class must have a syllabus available to every student. Check to see if your department has uniform grading and attendance policies, particularly for multiple-section courses. See section 2.7 of the Faculty Handbook for college-wide requirements regarding syllabi.

4.  Give an electronic copy of your syllabus and of your schedule including office hours to your department head and departmental assistant.        

5.  Full-time faculty members are assigned freshmen advisees each year except the first year of teaching.  You are responsible for the academic advising of these students until they declare their majors. The Office of Academic Advising is available to provide assistance, training, and support in the area of academic advising. Advising training sessions are offered to new advisors.  Academic Advising and Student Retention offices are located in Park Center.

6. If you have questions or problems with a student, her faculty advisor is a good place to start.  Advisors are noted in WebAdvisor, linked through your student course list.  For attendance problems, you can notify the Dean of Students’ office, which will have the absentee’s residence hall director discuss her absences with her. The Health Care staff does not provide medical excuse letters for students.

7.  At mid-semester we use a Progress Report to notify students and their advisors of D or F grades.  It is a good idea to warn any student making a low C, who looks as though she might slip into the D category.  Better to warn a student unnecessarily than to have surprised students and parents at the end of the semester.

8.  As a faculty member you are expected to have your students evaluate each of your courses each semester, using online course evaluations. You will receive email about this process near the end of the semester. 

9.  To be in compliance with the Buckley Amendment, legislation designed to protect students’ rights to privacy, faculty should not post grade information by name, social security number or any other identifiable method or distribute graded work in a way that allows students to see any grade but their own.

10. The catalogue has an excellent description of expectations for the various letter grades. The grades listed in the catalogue are the official grades used by Meredith College.

11.  Full-time faculty members should consult the Employee Handbook regarding outside employment.

12.  The following sections of the faculty handbook defy summarization, but require close reading:

  •   Faculty Responsibilities -- 1.2
  •   Tenure Criteria -- 4.5.1
  •   Academic Policies (attendance, cheating, etc.) -- 2
  •   Inclement Weather Policy --2.3


Faculty Development Opportunities

  1. Resources. We have an online subscription to a very popular newsletter, The Teaching Professor, chock full of articles, ideas, and tips for improving all aspects of teaching.
  2. Sabbatical leave. Each year the college provides sabbatical leave for selected faculty members who have completed at least six years of full-time teaching. Applications are accepted once a year in September (watch your email for announcements). Awards are made by the President and Provost on the basis of the Faculty Development and Instructional Technology Committee’s (FDIT) recommendations.
  3. Deans Travel Funds. Travel funds support a wide range of professional activities in both the academic year and summer are available from your Dean’s office. 
  4. Scholarly Productivity Grants. The college allocates part of its faculty development budget for funds for faculty scholarly activity above and beyond that which is available from the dean and department. These competitive grants must link directly to an individual’s professional development plan and/or the needs of the College. In the past, grants have been awarded for expenses such as tuition, travel, and materials for research; training for innovative applications of technology in the classroom; and development of critical thinking techniques. Watch your email in for instructions on how to apply.
  5. Tuition Remission. Faculty may enroll in courses at Meredith each semester as an auditor or for credit. Tuition is waived for the first course taken in any semester. If more than one course is taken for credit (in any given semester) the faculty member should ask for permission from the Provost.                 
  6. Workshops. FDIT supports on-campus workshops that address the faculty professional development needs. Many of these occur during the annual PIE Conference held on campus the week after graduation.  We invite faculty to propose workshop topics and speakers. You may email suggestions to the committee chair.
  7. Professional Development Collaboratives: FDIT also supports the formation of professional development collaboratives around a common interest. PDCs include a writing support group, a creative pedagogy group, and an early career group. You are welcome to propose a group of your own.
  8. Meredith Abroad. Teaching opportunities during the semester in Sansepolcro, Italy; in the summer in the Italy, England, and Switzerland program as well as in China and Costa Rica; and much more. Because its curriculum changes each summer, the Meredith Abroad program provides an opportunity for many different faculty members to teach and travel abroad. Faculty members who would like to teach in the programs should express their interest to the Office of International Programs. They will also provide information about opportunities for exchange programs in China.
  9. FAME Awards. Each spring the College presents FAME and faculty development awards to six members of the faculty. The awards recognize faculty contributions to the College in the areas of teaching , advising, special service, and research.