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Archives Freshman Rules: The Rules

College Archives


"How we do it at Meredith"
(excerpts from a handout given to freshmen in 1952)

I.  Dining hall

    1.  Don't be a constant griper about the food.
    2.  Let the hostess ask for seconds.
    3.  Wait until you are seated to pour tea or put ice in glasses.
    4.  Wait until the hostess begins to eat.
    5.  Include everyone in your conversation.
    6.  Start with outside piece of silver.
    7.  Eat slowly.
    8.  Leave dropped silver for the waitress to pick up.
    9.  Do not sit down before blessing.

II.  In classroom

    1.  Do not chew gum.
    2.  Do not put on make-up in class.
    3.  Be properly dressed.
    4.  Come prepared with all necessary materials, especially paper.
    5.  Be careful about crossing legs.
    6.  Keep hands off hair and face.
    7.  Wait for teacher to dismiss class.

III.  In your suite

    A.  Do your share of cleaning the room.
    B.  Share bathroom responsibilities.
    C.  Do not expect your roommate to spend all of her time with you.
    D.  Never borrow from roommate without permission.

IV.  On street -- in public

    A.  Most important rules of behavior in the street are those against things that are conspicuous.
    B.  Avoid marching along street aimlessly four abreast.
    C.  Avoid head on collisions by looking in front instead of walking along in a semi-trance.
    D.  If friends you meet want to talk, don't block the main pathway of traffic, step aside!
    E.  It is a girl's place to give the first sign of recognition when she passes a boy she knows.
    F.  Never, never chew gum, eat, when walking on a city street.
    G.  A lady never takes a gentleman's arm in the daytime. (Exception: an old lady or invalid, and special occasions when a girl needs support).
    H.  Of course, holding hands is out!
    I.  It's hard for girls to remember that make-up and combs are quite out of place in all public places!