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Jessica Jackson: Staff

Jessica Jackson
   Media Services Assistant

Contact Information Responsibilities
  • Maintains MCTV cable channel
  • Digitizes media
  • Manages LDMR requests
  • Troubleshoots in-classroom media problems
  • Edits footage from various events
  • Assists with media equipment loans
  • Films events on campus
  • BA in Film Studies with a minor in Leadership Studies from The University of North Carolina Wilmington in 2017
Personal Statement

Hello! I’m Jessica and I am the Media Services Assistant over in the Carlyle Campbell Library at Meredith College. I studied film at UNCW for four years while also being the Student Work Assistant in the Office of Admissions. While in Wilmington, I interned at three production companies and was a staff member for the Visions6 Film Festival and Conference. After graduation I worked as a Customer Service Representative before being brought on board with the Media Services team here at Meredith. I love having conversations about films, television shows, and the ship Titanic. Random thing about me: I know a lot of facts about the actual ship since it is a weird fascination of mine however, in saying that, I’m a big fan of the movie too.