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About the Criminal Justice Oral History Project: Home

Meet Our Interns!

Miranda Bohl 

Graduating Project Director and Intern

Class of 2021

About The Program

Meredith College's Criminal Justice Oral Histories Program is a student-led program capturing interviews from people who have had different types of involvement within Criminal Justice. This project serves as a hub for those who wish to learn more about different Criminal Justice professions and is under the direction of Ms. Bianca Harris and Dr. Lori Brown. 

Project Description: This project will consist of audio/video/written interviews from various figures in Criminal Justice professions across the state of North Carolina to show the diversity of the field and answer important questions that people may consider when going into this profession. As the project grows, our hope is that we will be able to include Criminal Justice M.A. alumni in the project to show the diversity of our degree program and where members of our community have gone to work post-grad.

Call to Action: This project was created to give a platform to people in the Criminal Justice field to tell their stories and experiences to the next generation of people in this profession.

Intended Response: Our hope is that through this project people will see the diversity of the Criminal Justice field and encourage them to choose Meredith for their Criminal Justice M.A. program, as well as have this project be a general resource for people wanting to learn more about people in the Criminal Justice profession across North Carolina.

Featured Interview

Ms. Bianca Harris

Director of Meredith’s online Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Program