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Learning Center Tutors

Group photo of Learning Center tutors, director, and tutoring coordinator

Director of the Student Success Center

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Tina Romanelli
Carlyle Campbell Library 020 or Park 117
(919) 760-8554

Administrative Assistant

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Lilly Wood
020 Carlyle Campbell Library

Mission Statement

Stronger learning together.

The Meredith College Learning Center provides free peer-tutoring services that empower students to become more confident and capable learners. The Center offers tutoring in subjects such as world languages, mathematics, science, writing for all content areas, and more; its services include both one-on-one appointments and group sessions, offering a variety of learning dynamics. Each tutor is not only an experienced and successful student but also has been specifically trained to accommodate individual learning styles and needs.

While our sessions are focused on helping students learn how to succeed academically, the Center’s primary goal is to encourage students to take charge of their own learning experience by offering collaborative and encouraging peer tutoring that cultivates independence, curiosity, efficiency, strength, and self-confidence.


The Meredith College Learning Center values:

Respect – All members of the Meredith College Learning Center community treat everyone with whom they come into contact with courtesy. Every student, tutor, faculty, and staff member deserves due regard and civility on the basis of their humanity. Pleasantries and discussions, even when we disagree, are conducted between persons of equal humanity regardless of status, preparation, reputation, ability, or skin color, etc. Mutual consideration for other humans forms the foundation for all other values. 

Collaboration – The Learning Center is a space where all members of the Meredith community are considered equals on the path of lifelong learning. In our space(s), peers come together as equals to create sound understandings of academic content, refine ideas through dialogue and discussion, and practice the habits of mind that constitute an intellectual community.

Access – As a community, we are committed to every Meredith student’s success. We seek to create an equal opportunity for success for all students to achieve their academic and learning goals, regardless of individual or social differences, such as race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical or cognitive ability, class, country of origin, or religious beliefs. We practice, on a daily basis, acknowledging and closing equity gaps in learning at Meredith College and in the larger context of academia.

Difference – Without difference, the Learning Center could not exist. As a combined writing and tutoring center, our community fundamentally requires different specialties, backgrounds, abilities, and languages. We respect the strengths and the weaknesses each individual brings into our space as opportunities for uncovering new ways of understanding and relating to content and each other. We understand that without individual and social diversity, we cannot offer our services or provide the safe and inclusive space for Meredith students for which we strive.

Humility – The tutors, faculty, and staff who work for the Learning Center recognize and reflect on their own limits as learners, peers, and team members in order to better serve the Meredith community. We recognize our own perspectives and world-views as those held by individuals who are shaped by experiences in time and space, and as such, our assumptions must be questioned and our opinions revised when we have the opportunity to come into contact with new information and experiences. We listen and respond to Meredith students with compassion as well as intellectual and cultural humility.

Perseverance – As friends and colleagues on the path of lifelong learning, the Meredith College Learning Center community recognizes that overcoming barriers and having resilience in the face of moments of inevitable failure are necessary skills in the pursuit of excellence in any field. As students, scholars, and sponsors of students and scholars, we exhibit the determination to help others reach their goals.

Appointment Policies

Each semester, the Learning Center offers subject-specific tutoring for 100- and 200-level courses. Writing tutors are available to work with students needing assistance with writing papers for any course, regardless of level.

Appointment Length

Appointments for all subjects are to be scheduled for thirty minutes. Students are allowed to visit the Learning Center for up to one hour (two sessions) per day per subject and up to two hours (four sessions) a week per subject.

Online Appointments

Online appointments are available during open hours and follow the same guidelines and procedures as face-to-face appointments. Students may request a video of online sessions for their own personal, academic use only. No student may post any video recording of a session in whole or in part, nor may she distribute the video recording in any way. Screen casts or screen shots of the session remain the property of the Meredith College Learning Center. Students who do not follow these guidelines may have their Learning Center privileges revoked and may be referred to the Dean of Students' Office. 

Drop-In Appointments

Students wishing to drop-in "online," should use the chat feature available on the home page or email us at

Canceling an Appointment

Visit the Learning Center's appointment page to cancel an appointment or email us at


An appointment missed without 24 hours cancelation notice is considered a no show.

Because conflicts may arise at the last minute, two no shows are allowed per semester without penalty. Three no shows will revoke a student's sign up privileges for the remainder of the semester. Students with three no shows may still receive assistance on a walk-in basis.

*Students with disabilities or non-native speakers of English who have documented accommodations for extra time may sign up for twice as many appointments as students without this accommodation. Because of diminishing returns after an hour, no more than two sessions should be scheduled back-to-back. Students with disabilities must turn in disability letters to Disability Services before they may sign up for extra sessions. Disability letters are reissued each semester and do not carry over from the previous semester. Non-native speakers must meet with the directors before signing up for extra sessions.