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Group photo of Learning Center tutors, director, and tutoring coordinator

How to Have a Successful Session

Thank you for your interest in using our Learning Center! Here are some things that will help you have a successful Learning Center session with any of our tutors:

  1. Come prepared with all your class materials, including textbook, notes, completed homework assignments, returned tests or essays, etc. Your tutor is excited to help you think through these materials differently and learn to engage with them effectively.

  2. Attend your classes and complete assignments. Tutors are supplements to your time in the classroom, and they cannot teach material you missed. They also cannot complete your assignments for you. If you have questions about a homework assignment, a tutor can help you work through the concept with the similar problem, but we cannot do the homework for you

  3. Come with an open mind and work towards a growth mindset. Your tutor may have ideas for your success that you hadn’t considered before. We share ideas with you because we believe that you can become an even better student in every subject. We know we become better all the time by listening to and trying the ideas of others. Believe with us.

  4. Try something new, especially something your tutor has suggested for you. Any time spent talking about the content of your coursework with a tutor or peer is beneficial time; however, tutors have been specifically trained to help you learn more efficiently. Their suggestions could be game-changers for you, but only if you implement them.

  5. Provide feedback to the Learning Center administration. We hope everything goes well for you every time you visit. If you have any suggestions or concerns, please bring those to the attention of the director and tutoring coordinator by emailing

 What you can expect from your Learning Center visit:

  • Passion for learning and content - The tutors in the Learning Center are excited about their content areas! We are all dedicated to your success in this space. 

  • A safe space to share your struggles - You should always feel 100% safe in our space. Please let us know immediately if you ever have any issues by using our incident form.

  • An evaluation-free and judgment-free zone - Sometimes things go well, and sometimes they do not. Tutors and the Learning Center administration understand that you have a lot to juggle, and we appreciate that you are taking this time to support your own learning. We are not here to grade you or to judge you on your content knowledge. We’re here to help you become a better learner, and we recognize that we become better learners in the process as well.

  • Privacy -  The Learning Center administration will contact your professor to let them know that you visited the Learning Center if you tell your tutor you would like for them to do so. Unless we are worried that you are going to hurt yourself or someone else, we will not discuss your visit with anyone outside the Learning Center.

How We Handle Your Concerns

The Learning Center is committed to positive and empowering tutoring experiences for students, faculty, and staff at Meredith College. However, the Learning Center recognizes that grievances can occur in the day-to-day operations of any campus service, and the director is committed to handling any concerns from students (tutors or tutees), faculty, or staff in a timely, fair, and effective manner.

Tutors, tutees, staff members, faculty members, and administration have the right to register a complaint with the director of the Learning Center either face-to-face or through our online submission form. Every person who comes into contact with the Learning Center has the right to be heard and to have their concerns acted upon.

Concerns may take the form of but are not limited to a complaint about a wrong that causes harm or resentment and is grounds for action, or an allegation that something (a process, for example) imposes barriers or discloses information about a student without consent or causes inequity. It is also possible to report a conflict of goals or values that manifests through overt or implicit opposition, actions, or statements.

The same form is used to provide information about complaints, incidents, suggestions, and positive experiences. All online submissions are delivered to the director via email immediately. The director will hear or read every concern within twenty-four hours of receipt and will act up on the concern within one week of receipt.

The Learning Center director commits to:

  1. Escalating any egregious misconduct or intent to harm oneself or others to the Dean of Students office immediately upon receipt.
  2. Notifying all parties of the existence of a grievance within one week.
  3. Focusing on the re-establishment of good relationships and positive outcomes through conciliation and negotiation.
  4. Seeking third-party-disinterested advocates if necessary or helpful.
  5. Scheduling a meeting to discuss resolution of the conflict.
  6. Taking notes at the meeting and maintaining records of the concerns and their resolutions.

Grievances may be submitted anonymously; however, it is not possible to update an anonymous person on the attempts at resolving the issue.