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All appointments last either 30 minutes or an hour and are either in-person or online

For more information about appointment policies, please see About the Learning Center.

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Departmental Tutoring

Spring 2023

Tutors are available for drop-in visits at the following locations weekly:

Math Tutoring - Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. in SMB 261

Chemistry Tutoring - Mondays at 10:00 a.m. in SMB 260  

Welcome to the Learning Center!

Stronger learning together.

The Meredith College Learning Center provides free peer-tutoring services that empower students to become more confident and capable learners. The Center offers tutoring in subjects such as world languages, mathematics, science, writing for all content areas, and more; its services include both one-on-one appointments and group sessions, offering a variety of learning dynamics. Each tutor is not only an experienced and successful student but also has been specifically trained to accommodate individual learning styles and needs.

While our sessions are focused on helping students learn how to succeed academically, the Center’s primary goal is to encourage students to take charge of their own learning experience by offering collaborative and encouraging peer tutoring that cultivates independence, curiosity, efficiency, strength, and self-confidence.

Students may schedule an appointment or walk-in to receive tutoring. The Learning Center is located on the bottom floor of Carlyle Campbell Library.

Types of Appointments

Course Content: These appointments are class specific, meaning that the tutor has taken this class before and can assist you with homework review, concept reinforcement, study guides, test review, assignment clarification, and more. If you need assistance with any aspect of your course, you will generally choose this.

Public Speaking/Presentation Help: Offered for the first time last semester, these appointments are aimed at assisting you with speaking to groups. Our tutors can give you feedback on volume control, enunciation, tone, speed, organization/structure, and nonverbal communication. If you're concerned with how your presentation will go and wish to preview it with a knowledgeable, nonjudgemental tutor, please choose this!

Research Tutoring: A sub-group of tutors have been specially trained by the Library's research librarians to assist students with aspects of their research projects. From figuring out your research question, to navigating the various databases in search of materials, to the vetting of said sources, research tutors are here to help you!

Study Skills: These appointments are not class specific, meaning you can schedule this kind of appointment with any of our tutors! These appointments can vary from discussing time management tools, tips, and tricks, to having a tutor quiz you with your own study materials, to having assistance utilizing online studying software (ex. Quizlet), to the occasional body doubling. All of our tutors have developed their own studying style and are happy to offer whatever assistance they can to their peers!

Writing Tutoring: By far, one of our most popular types of appointments! All of our writing tutors have been trained to assist at any stage of the writing process. From brainstorming, to structural overhauls, to grammar and citation overviews, writing tutors are here to help you craft the best version of your essay or short-answer assignments. If you have a written assignment, don't hesitate to tap into our wealth of writing knowledge!

Location and Hours

You can find the Learning Center on the bottom floor of the Carlyle Campbell Library, room 020

Online and In-Person sessions are available.

The Learning Center is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 2pm, Monday to Thursday from 5pm to 7:30pm, and Sundays from 5pm to 8:30pm


The Center will open for the Semester on January 31st 
The Learning Center will be closed on the following days:
March 11th - 17th
March 29th
April 18th

We will close for the semester at 8pm on Friday, April 26th. 

Please use the chat box or our email to contact us.

Meet Our Tutors

Emily Angel

Major: Biology

Subjects Tutored: Chemistry, Spanish, and Biology

Emily started working in the Learning Center in the Summer 2022 semester. She enjoys reading, pilates, video games, and cooking. She also loves animals and has two cats and a dog.

Nafissa Bia

Majors: Computer Science, Math

Subjects Tutored: French, Math, Computer Science

Nafissa began working in the Learning Center in the Summer 2022 semester. She enjoys going on long walks, learning about new cultures, and eating fried plantains.

Lexi is wearing a dark top with her brown hair worn half-up, and she is smiling in front of a line of brick steps.

Lexi Crank

Major: Psychology

Minors: Biology, Chemistry, Public Health

Subjects Tutored: General Psychology, General Chemistry, CHE-221, General Mathematics, General Biology, BIO-251, Research, Writing

Lexi started working in the Learning Center in the Spring of 2022. Outside of tutoring, she loves to read, practice guitar, explore new places, and spend time with loved ones.

Margaret Devitt



Subjects Tutored:  English

Kate has medium-length brown hair and is wearing a coat and a scarf, and she is smiling as city lights reflect on the water behind her.

Kate Erb

Majors: Chemistry, Biology

Subjects Tutored: Writing, General Chemistry, MAT-191, CHE-221, CHE-241, PHY-211, PHY-241

Kate began working in the Learning Center in the Fall 2021 semester. She enjoys reading, traveling, baking, listening to music/audiobooks, and playing field hockey.

Jeannie Hinton

Majors: Statistics and Data Analysis

Subjects Tutored: Mathematics

Jeannie began tutoring in the Learning Center in the Spring of 2024. She has a passion for
finding the hidden story within data and how to use that story effectively. Outside of school, she
loves listening to music, playing pickleball, and going to the gym.

Hannah Ingham



Subjects tutored:  General Mathematics, MAT-212, MAT-340, MAT-345.

Aiman is wearing a yellow hijab and white shirt and has her chin propped against her knuckles as she smiles in her car.

Aiman Jamadar

Majors: Biology, Chemistry

Minor: Psychology

Subjects Tutored: General Biology, BIO-251 Cell Biology, Organic Chemistry, PHY-212 General Physics


Jordan is has metal framed glasses and chin-length brown hair and is smiling against a white background.

Jordan Johnson

Majors: History, International Studies

Minor: English

Subjects Tutored: General History, HIS-214, HIS-215, Research

Jordan started working in the Learning Center the Spring of 2023. She enjoys reading literary fiction and non-fiction surrounding history, politics, and gender.

Samantha is wearing an orange floral dress with elbow-length sleeves, has long dark hair falling across one shoulder, and is smiling in front of gray

Samantha King

Major: Interior Design

Minor: Studio Art

Subjects Tutored: Interior Design

Sam began working in the Learning Center in the Fall 2022 semester. When she's not working and studying, she loves to spend time with friends, family, and her dog.

Wanjiru has dark hair that is pulled back in a ponytail, and she is wearing glasses and an orange sweater as she smiles against a gray background.

Wanjiru Mambo

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Data Science

Subjects Tutored: English

Wanjiru began working in the Learning Center in the fall 2021 semester. Outside class, she enjoys cooking, baking, and travelling. Since she came to the US in 2021, Wanjiru has visited 12 states and has taken an international trip to Italy through the Meredith 2023 spring break study abroad program.

Georgia smiles against a natural background with long brown hair falling over her shoulders and is wearing a blue shirt with white polka dots.

Georgia Meade

Major: Spanish (Professional Spanish Concentration), Sociology

Subjects Tutored: Spanish

Georgia began working in the Learning Center in the Spring 2023 semester. She enjoys baking, cooking, listening to music, hanging out with friends, learning new things, and immersing herself in the Spanish language.

Yoselin is wearing her long dark hair down as she smiles in front of a red background.

Yoselin Menjivar Lara

Major: Business Administration (Accounting Concentration)

Minor: Web Development

Subjects Tutored: ACC-220, ACC-221, Spanish

Yoselin began working at the Learning Center in the Fall '22 semester. She enjoys reading, sketching, long nature walks, and strength training.

Debbie Mong'are

Major: Computer Science

Subjects Tutored: Statistics, Computer Science, Chemistry

Annalee has shoulder-length brown hair and is wearing a dark shirt as she smiles against a beige background.

Annalee Nelson

Major: Theatre with a K-12 Licensure

Subjects Tutored: Writing, Research, Study Skills

Annalee is a junior majoring in Theatre with K-12 teaching licensure. She has been working in the Learning Center since Fall 2022 and enjoys playing the ukulele, listening to Taylor Swift, and spending time with her four cats.

Ana Osipovi

Major(s): EE and Math

Subjects Tutored: Calculus 1 & 2, General Chemistry 1

Ana joined the Learning Center team during the Fall 2023 semester, bringing her passion for all things math, problem-solving, and technology to the table. These interests seamlessly blend with her double major in electrical engineering and mathematics. Ana's enthusiasm extends to exploring even the tiniest of concepts and forging connections between newfound knowledge and existing facts. She's on a mission to make learning not only educational but also exciting!

Marina Ostrowski

Major: Social Work, Psychology

Subjects Tutored: English, Spanish, Psychology, Social Work

Marina began working in the Learning Center in the Fall 2023 semester. She's hoping to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker one day, but outside of class, she enjoys playing soccer, watching hockey, writing stories, reading fantasy books, playing video games, and playing with her cat and dog.

Atiqua is wearing an orange shirt and is wearing her long dark hair down over one shoulder as she smiles against a gray background.

Atiqua Prithu

Majors: Business Administration, Economics

Minors: Finance, Marketing

Subjects Tutored: Microeconomics

Atiqua began working as a tutor in Spring 2023. Atiqua enjoys reading, going to the gym, and exploring new places around Raleigh.

Kendall is wearing a striped knit-like tank top with her brown, shoulder-length hair down, and she is smiling in front of a line of blue mountains.

Kendall Putnam

Majors: Chemistry, Chemical Engineering

Subjects Tutored: Writing, Chemistry

Kendall began working in the Learning Center during the virtual days of Spring 2021. She enjoys painting and reading fantasy novels, as well as searching for the latest plants to add to her growing greenhouse.

Elise Rammalaere

Major: International Studies

Subjects Tutored: History, French, Political Science, and Writing

Elise began working in the Learning Center Fall of 2023. She's a junior and is majoring in International Studies on a Pre-Law track. She enjoys playing piano, lifting weights, and spending time outdoors by hiking.

Jakelin has long dark hair and is smiling in a pink cardigan and floral dress as she stands in the shade of a tree.

Jakelin Santos Reyes

Major: Biology

Minor: Chemical Physics

Subjects Tutored: MAT-181

Lizzy Sevilla Acosta

Major: Business Administration

Subject Tutored: Spanish

Lizzy Began working in the Learning Center in the Fall 2023 semester. She enjoys reading, hockey, and funny movies.

Tristan Smith

Major(s): Economics and Mathematics

Subjects Tutored: Economics, Italian, Calculus 1

Tristan began working in the learning center in the Spring 2023 semester. In their free time, they enjoy studying languages, listening to music, drawing, and knitting.

Grace has dark, chin-length hair and is smiling in a grey shirt.

Grace Stutz

Major: Chemistry & Biology

Minors: Mathematics

Subjects Tutored: General Chemistry, General Mathematics, MAT-212

Grace has been working with the Learning Center since spring 2023. In her freetime, they enjoy reading, writing, and spending time with their siblings.

Peyton Vanada

Major: Biology

Subjects Tutored: Chemistry, Calculus

Peyton Vanada began working for the Learning Center in the Spring of 2022. Peyton is a Biology majorwith minors in Mathematics and Chemistry. She plans of pursuing a career in Botany! In her free time, she loves to explore the coffee shops around Raleigh.

Constance is wearing a green sweater with black wire rim glasses and short brown hair and is smiling against a beige background.

Constance Wesley

Majors: English, Psychology

Subjects Tutored: Writing, Research, General Psychology

Constance began tutoring at the Learning Center in the Spring of 2022. She enjoys listening to music, solving puzzles, and storytelling.

Laura is smiling with blonde hair, a floral top, and a pair of glasses on top of her head.

Laura Wood

Major: Spanish

Subjects Tutored: Spanish

Laura started working in the Learning Center in the Spring 2023 semester. She likes listening to 70s rock, getting boba, and having movie nights with friends.

Li Yan

Major(s): Psychology

Subjects Tutored: Chinese

Li began working in the Learning Center in the Fall 2023 semester. She enjoys reading, traveling, and exploring the local cuisine.