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Group photo of Learning Center tutors, director, and tutoring coordinator

NEW! Public Speaking/Presentation is now offered in the Learning Center

Throughout each session, public speaking/presentation tutors will be focusing on these aspects of the tutee’s speech/presentation, so it is important for the tutee to specify which parts of the speech/presentation they would like to focus on during the session: 

  • Organization/Structure: Is the speech/presentation logically organized and easy to follow?
  • Evidence: Does the speaker utilize resources that support their argument? 
  • Nonverbal communication: Does the speaker display confidence, maintain a proper stance, have solid eye contact, etc. 
  • Timing: Is the speaker mindful of how much time to speak on all aspects of the speech/presentation in order to meet the allotted time?
  • Verbal communication: Does the speaker have good pacing, enunciation, emphasis, word choice, cadence, and pause effectively when speaking? Are there any vocal fillers that the tutee needs to avoid? 

Note: public speaking/presentation tutors do not focus on the content of the speech; rather, they focus on how the content is conveyed. Tutees who are wanting to go over the content of their speech/presentation should schedule an appointment with either a writing tutor or a tutor who is able to tutor the specific course.

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During the 2022-2023 Academic Year, the Learning Center provided 1,516 sessions and 230 small group sessions to 453 Meredith students.

The following chart provides more information about these sessions.

The four subject areas with the largest demand are writing, chemistry, mathematics, and world languages.