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Mission of Carlyle Campbell Library


The Mission Statement

Carlyle Campbell Library advances knowledge, empowers learners, and strengthens the Meredith community, with three vital resources—our staff, our collections, and our physical and virtual spaces. 


Exposition of the Mission Statement

We advance knowledge by providing access to materials, tools, and information that open up global perspectives. We:

  • Identify, acquire, and preserve items that support the curriculum
  • Connect with other organizations whose materials complement our own
  • Endeavor to inspire interest, expand horizons, and enrich perspectives
  • Provide tools that facilitate access to the world’s resources
  • Anticipate, plan, and respond to the ever-changing information landscape
  • Provide our diverse community with reading, viewing, and listening materials that engage the intellect
  • Function as the intellectual heart of the college

We empower learners in their pursuit of excellence and academic success. We:

  • Ask and answer questions that encourage learners to challenge their assumptions
  • Support creativity, research, and critical thinking
  • Teach information literacy and skills for success in an ever-changing society
  • Promote ethical values and methods of research
  • Support intellectual freedom
  • Bring people together to spark creative synergies and learn from each other 

We strengthen the Meredith community. We:

  • Provide dynamic resources to help students become effective citizens, scholars, and leaders
  • Maintain attractive and functional spaces in the library that encourage intellectual exchange and creativity
  • Maintain an engaging and dynamic virtual library presence that supports anytime, anywhere research
  • Serve as the memory of the college by preserving an organized record of our history
  • Advocate for and manage an appropriate budget to support the work of the library
  • Nurture an active Friends of the Library organization that supports the work of the library and the college

Through these efforts we support the larger mission of the College.