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Peer Research Tutors: Home


You can make Research Appointments with the Learning Center! Research tutors are fully trained in peer-to-peer tutoring assistance as well as advanced research skills.  They can offer similar support as Meredith's research librarians, but from the perspective of a fellow student who has been in your shoes.

If you need some help with any aspect of the research process, sign up for a 30-minute appointment with a Research tutor, and they'll get you on the right track!  They can assist you with any of the following:

  • Deciding on a suitable research topic
  • Figuring out the best places to find information
  • Selecting effective search terms and strategies
  • Guiding you through searches of library resources
  • Evaluating possible sources to see what's most useful

Make an Appointment

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All appointments for thirty minutes, either in-person or online

For more information about appointment policies, please see About the Learning Center.