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Information Literacy : IL Program Overview

Information Literacy Program

Information Literacy Program Overview

Mission Statement

The information literacy program at Carlyle Campbell Library strives to empower the students, faculty and staff of Meredith to be curious, independent, and information-savvy lifelong learners. Embedded in the general education curriculum, the information literacy program creates opportunities for students, faculty and librarians to discover, create and share knowledge collaboratively through both structured and informal instruction sessions. Our librarians are dedicated to teaching the transferable, interdisciplinary skills of selecting, searching, locating and evaluating information, as well as inspiring inquisitiveness and scholarship in the members of Meredith's learning community.

Program Outline

The information literacy program at Meredith College was redesigned in fall 2003 for inclusion in the new general education requirements. Students at Meredith will graduate with a solid understanding of library and information research fundamentals after having three levels of progressive classroom instruction.

Information Literacy Level 1 is embedded within English 111. Students are introduced to basic research concepts and techniques through completion of an online tutorial, 2-3 class sessions with a librarian, and several assignments about finding and evaluating information. Class content focuses on defining a topic, searching a discovery tool, understanding the types of sources available, and evaluating information in various formats.

Information Literacy Level 2 is embedded within English 200. Students complete an online tutorial as well as two class sessions with a librarian. Class content, building on knowledge acquired in English 111, focuses on articulating a research question, applying advanced search techniques in research databases, and scholarly publications.

Information Literacy Level 3 is embedded within upper level, discipline-specific courses designated as "Information Literacy" in the course schedule. Class content focuses on the specialized resources and research skills needed to effectively conduct advanced research in the associated discipline.


See the Definition of Information Literacy tab to learn more about what Information Literacy means.