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Information Literacy : For Transfer Students

Transfer Credit Information


  Link to ENG 111 Tutorial

  Link to ENG 200 Tutorial

  Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who should complete these tutorials?

A: Any transfer student who has received credit at another institution for English 111 or English 200 is strongly encouraged to take the tutorial(s).

Q: Why should I complete this tutorial?

A: As a part of the General Education curriculum, all Meredith College students are expected to be proficient in the area of library research and information literacy. Within both English 111 and English 200 at Meredith, all students participate in an information literacy component of the course which includes completion of an online tutorial, class sessions in the library, and a final research-related assignment. While transfer students may have acquired some basic research skills at former institutions, they have not learned Meredith's library resources. Completion of this online tutorial exposes transfer students to the fundamental information literacy concepts covered in English 111/200, and ensures they will be prepared for more advanced concepts in their Information Literacy Thread course and beyond.

Q: When should I have this tutorial done by?

A: If they completed English 111 credit at another institution, transfer students are strongly encouraged to complete the tutorial before they begin the information literacy unit in their English 200 course.  They should also take the English 111 quiz, as an assessment of how well they understand these first-level information literacy concepts.  If they completed both their English 111 and 200 credit at another institution, transfer students are strongly encouraged to complete both the English 111 and 200 tutorials before their Information Literacy Thread course in their major.

Q: Do I need to confirm with anyone once I have done it?

A: You do NOT need to confirm with anyone that you have completed the tutorial. When you complete the Information Literacy Quiz(zes) in My Meredith, your name and score will be recorded.  If you would like to meet with a librarian to discuss any concepts that are unclear to you, feel free to request an appointment.

Q: Who should I contact if I have questions or problems?

A: If you have questions about the tutorial or information literacy program, contact Jeff Waller, Head of Research and Instruction