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BUS 310 - International Business: Home

Magazines and Newspapers

Search these magazines and newspapers for recent articles about your country's economic or business conditions, or your product.  Limit your search results to the past year or two.

Government Sources

CIA World Fact Book
Basic info about every country of the world

Country Commercial Guides
Reports by the US government on industries and markets in each country.  Use these to help identify the consumer goods that offer the best prospect for success in your country

Doing Business
A project of the World Bank, this offers reports on business regulations and climate in each country

World Bank
Access data and reports on the current and future economies of most countries

Industry Profiles

Country Profiles (Business Source Premier)

These links will take you to a list of country reports produced by that publisher.  Search your country's name in one of the empty search boxes and limit it to the Title field, then sort your results by "Date Newest", to find the most recent report.

Country Profiles (ABI-Inform)

Other Websites

Subject Guide

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Jeff Waller
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Reference Books

Countries and their Cultures
R 306.03 C76
Detailed essays on the various aspects of the cultures of every country, although a little dated

Europa World Year Book
R 305 Eu7 2014
For each country, find an overview of its political and historical background, plus statistics on a wide range of topics

Statesman's Yearbook
R 305 St2 2018
Summary overviews of every country in the world, with facts and figures on all aspects of the countries