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ECO 311 Course Guide: ECO 311

Resources for researching the economic impact of pollution and climate change


Here are some library and online resources that are relevant to the ECO 311 group project, about researching the economic impact of some issue related to climate change or pollution in a particular industry or country.

Remember to use date limiters in these publications and databases to limit your search results to 2015 - present, as required by the assignment!


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News Sources

Use these to find news or feature articles written for a general audience.

Journal Article Databases

Find magazine articles and scholarly journal articles by doing keyword searches on your chosen issue.

Government and International Organization Reports

Don't just Google it!  The US government and international NGOs conduct good-quality research on environmental policy issues.

To find reports written by government agencies, add the following to your Google search:

site:gov filetype:pdf

To find reports written by non-governmental organizations (NGOs), search the country name and the issue, then add the following to your Google search:

site:org filetype:pdf

Science Magazines

Find full-text articles from the top popular science magazines.

Discover cover


In EBSCO: 2001 - present

National Geographic cover

National Geographic

In EBSCO: 1995 - 2021

New Scientist cover

New Scientist

In EBSCO: 2002 - present

Popular Science cover

Popular Science

In ProQuest: 1992 - 2020

Scientific American cover

Scientific American

In EBSCO: 2007 - present