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How long can a title be available to stream?

- Titles can be streamed to your class for a two-week period. Copyright rules keeps us
from extending this period.

Can I request the same title more than once a semester?

- Unfortunately no; copyright laws restrict us to showing a title once per class per

Can I stream titles simultaneously for two different classes?

- Copyright rules restrict us to keeping the physical copy of the title (DVD) sequestered
while the title is streaming on LDMR; if we have two copies of the title, then we can do
this; if not – we cannot.

I need two classes to have streaming access and we only have one physical copy; what can we do?

- We can split the two weeks; each class would have one week of access.

I’ve already streamed a title this semester; can I stream it again?

- Unfortunately not; at this point those students who need to view the title could borrow
the DVD from the library (or you, if the DVD belongs to you).

How do I get the login information for my students?

- We’ll send you login info and passwords that you can share with your students at least
2-3 days before your title begins its streaming period.

Will I get a confirmation of my submitted requests?

- Yes. Occasionally these may fall into your spam folder; be sure to check before reaching
back out to us.

How many requests can I submit at a time? How many per semester?

- You can submit up to six titles at a time. You can submit forty requests per semester.

Where is the request form to submit titles?


The library doesn’t own the DVD I’d like to stream, but I have a personal copy. Can we use that?

- Yes. Media Services will need to hold that DVD for the stream period.

Other questions? Contact Brian Thornburg, Head of Media Services, 8444,