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MAT 295 Course Guide: Library Research Guide


Use the resources listed below to research the history, theory, and applications of a particular field in Mathematics, for your final presentation in the Math Seminar.

Be sure to save citations and permanent URLs for your sources as you find them, to help you cite them on the final slide of your presentation.

Search Access Science

Get basic information on scientific concepts and topics by searching AccessScience.


Other Reference Sources

Search Tips

Here are some tips to make your search more successful:

  • Books will be more useful for the history and theory of your field, while articles will help with topics and applications within your field
  • For books, try searching a keyword or phrase representing your field or an aspect of it, and use AND to pair that with words like introduc*, foundation*, basic*, or histor*
  • For articles, try pairing your Math field keyword with words like appli* or topic*, and be sure to re-sort your results by Relevance or Cited By (Highest) to find relevant or important works

Books at Meredith

Use this box to search WorldCat for books in the Meredith library.


Scopus Box

Use this box to search the premier database for scholarly articles in the physical sciences: Scopus.

Scopus logo

Other Article Databases

In-Class Team Activity

Complete the worksheet for your team's sub-field of Mathematics.  This is great practice for the research you will do on your own topic!

Ask your Librarian

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