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Meredith College Archives

The Meredith College Archives preserves the history of the College by collection, processing, conserving, and providing access to institutional records and other historically valuable materials about the College.  The Archive supports the research needs of Meredith students, faculty, staff, alumnae, and other interested in the College.

The College Archives are located in the Carlyle Campbell Library.  Staff offices are located in the library Technical Services Department.  The hours are from 8am-5pm Monday through Friday.  Advance appointments are strongly recommended when planning to visit the Archives. 

Contact the College Archives:

Carrie Nichols, 919-760-8047,

Janice Sniker, 919-760-8445,

Morgan Johnson, 919-760-8385,


Access to the Archives

Complete information about who is permitted to use the Archives and rules governing the use of specific kinds of materials is found in the document titled, Meredith College Access Policies.

How to Donate to the Archives

Donors should contact the Archives at or 911-760-8047 before arranging to bring or send materials

Please include the signed Gift Agreement Form with your donation so that you can receive formal acknowledgement.  A copy of the gift agreement form is available here.


College Archives Collection Development Policy (What we accept)

The collection policy serves as a guideline for the selection, acquisition, and retention of archival resources in a variety of formats, including but not limited to print, non-print, electronic media, regalia, and ephemera.  The Archives, which is the official repository for institutional records of Meredith College and other historically valuable information accepts:

  1. Primary source material about the College
  2. Resources on student life and experience
  3. Information about Meredith's Baptist heritage
  4. Publications by people associated with the College
  5. College publications
  6. Photographs, scrapbooks, memorabilia, videos, jewelry, clothing, and oral history

Duplicate materials, unsupported formats, and other items that do not reflect Meredith College Archives collection policy may not be accepted or may be deaccessioned by the Dean of the Library or the Director of Archives.  Decisions about accepting any material, including the about categories are the responsibility of the Director of Archives and the Dean of the Library.

Meredith College Archives also acquires materials by gift or other legal transaction that transfers title to the Archives.  Meredith College Archives does not accept material that is closed to public access in perpetuity, and ordinarily will not accept materials that is closed for any period of time.


Guidelines about what kinds of material the Archives does and does not accept are in the Archives Collection Development Policy.  Printable version

Credit for Use of Material

Rules for proper attribution of any display or other use of materials from Meredith College Archives in any setting are as follows  (Printable Version)



Any display or other use of material from Meredith College Archives must be accompanied by the following statement.  The type of material (photographs, recording, etc.) is inserted in the blank:

______________ courtesy of Meredith College Archives, Carlyle Campbell Library


Types of material covered:

This statement must be used with original and/or reproduced material.  It must be used with all media including but not limited to, text, photographs, video, and audio.

Placement of the statement:

Audio:  Written on the physical medium 
Video:  Written on the container
Text, photographs, drawings (single pieces):  Placed next to the item
Text, photographs, drawings (multiple pieces):  For displays or exhibits of multiple pieces, one statement within the display or exhibit is sufficient.
Internet: A statement on each web page displaying Archives materials is required

Format of the statement:

The format (font, number of lines, color) is at the user's discretion.


With all materials from the Meredith College Archives, it is the patron's responsibility to follow U.S. copyright law (Title 17, United States Code)