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Accessibility Statement: Library Resources

Research Databases

Many of the library's research databases are in basic compliance with accessibility standards.  The ones listed below offer added features to enhance their accessibility.

Video Databases

Other Resources

As an alternative to screen reader software installed on your computer, you can use the ReadSpeaker tool that is installed in Brightspace.  This software includes text-to-speech (read-aloud) capability for any content or documents posted in Brightspace.  ReadSpeaker also includes a tool called TextAid that is available through the MyMeredith portal, and which can be used for text-to-speech on websites and documents outside of Brightspace.

The following are available to you if you have qualified and registered for services from the Meredith College Disability Services office.

  • If a particular PDF article from a library database is not readable by your screen reader, ask the library's Reference Desk about converting the file to a readable PDF using the Adobe Reader program.
  • The KIC Scanner in the library's Creation Station room can create searchable PDFs from either books (scanned on the KIC scanner bed) or stacks of papers (scanned on the Automatic Document Feeder that is connected to the KIC).  These PDFs can be read on screen readers.  Ask a librarian for instructions.
  • The Disability Services office and Carlyle Campbell Library will do our best to obtain audio versions or screen reader-friendly versions of print books that are needed for research.  This includes books at the Carlyle Campbell Library as well as books that could only be obtained from other libraries.  Library staff may be able to make scans of needed book chapters on a limited basis.  Please allow five business days for us to scan chapters.