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Tech Support : Who Ya Gonna Call

This page won’t solve all of your classroom technology problems. It will help you get help by phone when staff is available. The best plan is this:learn ahead of time about the equipment you will be using in your classes. You are the operator of the technology resources in your classrooms.




computer hardware problems
  • mouse won't work
  • computer won't power up
  • cable missing
  • keyboard problem
Technology Services
software problems
  • not able to view files on a CD
  • can't open a .pdf document
  • problem with a Word document
  • software not functioning
Technology Services
data projection problems
  • can't get image to come up
  • projected image has a problem
  • don't know how to use the data projection equipment
  • where can I get a projector?
  • how can I show a video on a big screen?
  • how do I turn my data projector off?
Media Services
A/V equipment needs
  • I need a tape recorder
  • I need a camcorder
  • I need a projector
Media Services
projection lamps
  • bulb is out in an overhead projector
  • what kind of bulb goes in my projector?
  • why is the image dim?
Media Services
computer & software training
  • where can I learn how to make a Powerpoint presentation?
  • how do I get a course on Blackboard?
Technology Services
A/V training
  • Can you show me how the equipment in my classroom works?
Media Services