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Fake News Guide: More Resources and Further Reading

This LibGuide will help you learn what fake news is and how to spot it.

Videos Addressing Fake News

Library Books Addressing Fake News and Critical Thinking

Consequences of Fake News

Needless to say, the truth is important! It would be great if we could trust everything read, but that is simply  not the case. You need to play an active role and be vigilant as you read news stories as fake news can have some serious consequences. You deserve the truth so seek it out!

Fake news can actually hurt you and a lot of other people. Misleading medical advice, like on, and The Food Babe, can cause serious consequences to people's health due to their false claims. Also, fake news stories like "Pizzagate," can cause terrible violence.

Article from CNN: Fake news, real violence: 'Pizzagate' and the consequences of an Internet echo chamber

Fake news can destroy your credibility if you use it to support your arguments. If you use lies to support your causes people will have a difficult time believing you in the future.

Real news is beneficial. When you are researching stocks, a car to buy, or a politician to vote for, you want to make sure the claims you are putting your trust in, are actually true and not falsehoods used to gain money or votes. 



Adapted from Indiana University East