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Meredith College Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy Information Page: Policies


Meredith librarians are not copyright experts nor qualified to offer legal advice.  We are happy to share resources we have discovered to support Meredith faculty and staff.

Meredith Copyright Policy

Meredith College expects students, faculty and staff to be familiar with and obey copyright law.  At a minimum, members of the Meredith community should have a basic understanding of Fair Use concepts.  Users of Blackboard should be aware of additional limitations as described in the TEACH Act.  Supplementary copyright instruction sessions will be offered annually to the Meredith community.

Meredith Intellectual Property Policy

The Meredith College Intellectual Property policy is available from the Employee Handbook For Faculty and Staff (found through the MyMeredith portal. It is also available from the Dean of Students / Student Handbook, College Policies and Regulations.  Here is the introduction:

Meredith College (the “College”) is dedicated to teaching and scholarship. In these pursuits, intellectual property is often created by members of the College community. The purposes of this intellectual property policy are to establish means for allocating ownership of such intellectual property and any revenues obtained on account of the commercialization of such intellectual property in compliance with applicable law and agreements and to provide guidance respecting the protection and enforcement of the College’s intellectual property rights and the resolution of disputes that may arise from time to time.

This intellectual property policy applies to all College employees, students and independent contractors as well as anyone else using College facilities and resources under the supervision of or with the permission of College personnel.

The universe of intellectual property is as boundless as the collective imagination of humankind. This intellectual property policy is concerned chiefly with works of original authorship and inventions created by covered individuals acting alone or with collaborators, whether all collaborators are members of the College community or not.

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