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Earth Sciences: Websites

Selected Websites

Geological Society of America - encourages cooperative research and public dialogue on geoscience issues and supports all levels of earth-science education.  Carlyle Campbell Library subscribes to three of their publications:  GSA today, Geological Society of American Bulletin, and Geology. - an online guide to minerals and gemstones.

North Carolina Geological Survey
This official website of the NCGS has a wide range of links to information about minerals, resources, and general geology of the state. The website includes an interactive geological mapand FAQs about geology in North Carolina.

Carolina Geological Society
The Carolina Geological Society publishes guidebooks on the geology of the Carolinas. Under "Publications" you will find a list of their guidebooks and links to those available online.

National Weather Service - Predicted, present and past weather.  Forecasts are searchable by zip code.  Air quality and rainfall are also available.  Safety information during adverse weather conditions.

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