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Kindles: In The Library

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Book jacket for James Patterson book Now You see Her
Book jacket for Joshua Foer book Moonwalking with Einstein
Book jacket for Garth Stein book racing in the Rain


Troubleshooting Guide

For Quick troubleshooting, try these things first:

* Check the battery indicator (home screen, upper right) to see if the Kindle needs charging.
* Check wifi connection (home screen, upper right) and move to another location if wifi is out of range.
* Try turning the Kindle off and on again. This often fixes problems.

If you are still having trouble getting the Kindle to work try one of these sources of help:

* A user guide is available on your Kindle from the list of titles on the home screen.
* A troubleshooting guide is available on the Help link at
* Library staff are ready to help in person or by calling 760-8381 or 760-8047.

List of All Loaded Titles

The Kindles are not registered to an account, which is necessary to download items. However, it is possible to register the reader to your own account and download at your own expense. We ask that you be responsible about this and remove anything you download before returning it.

Click here for an alphabetized list of loaded book and game titles

Suggest a Title

We welcome your suggestions.

To send us your ideas click here.

Borrowing a Kindle

The rules for borrowing apply to all Meredith borrowers.
The loan period is 14 days, no renewals. The overdue fine is $10.00 a day for ALL borrowers.

Damaging a Kindle

If you lose or damage a Kindle the following costs occur:
Replacement costs are $140.00 + $25.00 processing for the Kindle, $70.00 for the carrying case, $27.00 for the adapter cable.

*images courtesy of Google images
see for more Kindle information