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Student Mental Health Collection: Home

Books and ebooks to support the mental health needs of the Meredith student body.


Sign for Student Mental Health CollectionThis collection was inaugurated in Spring 2022 out of the library's desire to provide resources to students who are facing a variety of mental health issues.

The book collection (call numbers which begin with MHW) resides near the New Books at the back of the library's main floor.  Students and other members of the Meredith community may check out these books for the usual loan period.  With the workbooks, please scan or copy the pages of worksheets that you want to fill out, rather than writing in the books!  There is a free scanner and a photocopier available in the Creation Station room on the main floor.

This companion webpage to the collection also contains links to ebooks in the Meredith online collections that address the same mental health themes.  Look for links on the titles below.

If there are any specific issues for which you'd like the library to purchase some helpful books, please fill out our Purchase Request Form.


Quick Links to Books by Topic:




Body Image


Emotions and Moods

Executive Function (Focus, Planning, Self-Control)

LGBTQ Identity

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder



Social Anxiety