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Eng 111 - Suchanec Fall 2020: Home

This is a guide prepared for students in Jennifer Suchanec's Fall 2020 English 111 course. It contains sources for an in-class activity on evaluating sources.

Evaluating Sources Activity

Visit the links below and determine if the sources pass the A,B,C test! 

Things to consider: 

Who produced the source.  (Authority)  

  •   Who is the author?  What are their qualifications?  What kind of publication did it appear in?

Why the source was produced.  (Bias)

  • Is it meant to inform, to persuade, or help sell something? Could it be biased?  What might its biases or agenda be?

When the source was produced. (Currency)

  • Is this source timely enough for the topic?  Could the information be out of date? 

Write down any steps you take to confirm the credibility of the source. 

Source 1

Source 2

Source 3