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English: Book Reviews

Library Resources for Book reviews

Finding older reviews (pre-1920s) in HathiTrust

HathiTrust  is a huge collection of digitized books from major university libraries-- it includes libraries’ bound volumes of magazines going back to the 18th century, some of which contain book reviews.

HathiTrust is a good source for reviews of 19th century and earlier works—but finding them takes some digging!   For best results when looking for reviews in HathiTrust, use the advanced search to:

  • Limit publication type to “serials.”
  • Limit date to within a few years of your work’s appearance.

Try searching for the book’s title, and including the author’s name if the book title consists of common words.  You may find some hits that are brief mentions of the book (or catalogs/advertisements), rather than reviews-- including the name of a main character in your search may help with this.  

Print Index: Book Review Digest

Using OneSearch for book reviews

Use this box to do a search in OneSearch limited to Book Reviews, Newspaper Articles and Magazine Articles


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