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About the Library: Borrowing

Borrowing Library Materials



Most library materials are loaned for a three-week period and may be renewed twice provided they are not needed by another patron. Some materials and most A/V materials have shorter loan periods. Be sure to check the date due slip in the back of borrowed materials for the exact due date.  A valid Meredith ID must be presented to check out materials, including reserve items. Reference books and periodicals circulate only at the discretion of library staff. Click here for faculty checkout policies.


Borrowers may renew library materials online, check due dates and fines using My Library Account.

Materials can be also be renewed in the library or over the phone (760-8532).


Reserve materials may be checked out from the circulation desk. Faculty specifies one of the following types of reserve for each item:

  • STRICT — 3 hours in-library use only (check-out limit: 4 items)
  • 24-HOUR — may be checked out overnight and due 24 hours after check-out (check-out limit: 2 items)
  • THREE-DAY — to be returned within a 3-day period (check-out limit: 2 items)

To find a list of items on reserve for a course or instructor, please go to the Library catalog.


Students are responsible for the payment of fines for overdue items, including some reserve materials, and for replacement costs of lost items.  Borrowing privileges are suspended for any student with total fines exceeding $10.00 and are reinstated when fines are paid. Click here for faculty overdue policies.

Item Type How Long (Loan Period) Renewal? Overdue Fine Maximum Fine Replacement If Lost
Books, CDs 3 weeks yes, up to 6 weeks No fine NA $125.00
DVDs-to-go 4 days yes, 4 more days $1.00 per day $5.00 $25.00
Laptop, iPad 4 days no $10.00 per day $200.00 $1000
Kindles 21 days yes, up to 21 days No fine NA $150
Media Equipment, 4 day 4 day no $10.00 per day see Media Dept. see Media Dept.
Reserves, Strict 3 hours no No fine NA $125.00
Reserves, 24 hour 24 hours no $3.00 per day $35.00 $125.00
Reserves, 3 day 3 days yes, 3 more days $3.00 per day $35.00 $125.00
Games 4 days no $1.00 per day $35.00 see librarian
Sports equipment 3 days yes, 3 more days $1.00 per hour $35.00 see librarian



If an item is checked out, you may request that it be held for you when it is returned. The two ways to do this are:

  1. Make a request over the phone (760-8532) or in person,
  2. Find the item in the library catalog, and click the  title  and "Request" button on the left side of the screen.

Requests/Holds can only by made for items that are checked out and not on the shelf.


When library materials are checked out, they become the responsibility of the person who checks them out. Click here for faculty lost material policies. If a borrower is unable to return materials, regardless of the cause, they must pay the library for the lost materials. The library will charge the replacement cost of the item plus a $25.00 processing fee. The replacement cost will be determined, whenever possible, by consulting standard reference sources such as Books in Print, Music in Print,, manufacturers’ catalogs, etc. As a last resort, a default amount will be charged. Default amounts depend upon the type of material. See the table above for amounts.

After a lost item bill has been issued, the patron may return the item and pay only the accrued fine.


An outdoor book return is conveniently located outside the Library entrance. To prevent damage, all audio-visual, reserve, and music materials MUST be returned inside the building.


      Raleigh Academic Libraries (including NCSU): You may borrow in person from other college/university libraries in Raleigh. Pick up a CRC borrowing form at the Meredith library circulation desk.

      Wake County Public Library: A WCPL library card is required. You can obtain a card from any WCPL branch. Meredith does not have a special borrowing agreement with WCPL.

      All other libraries: For Duke, UNC, or any other library in the world, you need to go through the Meredith library Interlibrary Loan Department. See "Interlibrary Loans" below.


The library will borrow books and articles from other libraries for you. See the Interlibrary Loans page. For faculty interlibrary loans, please see below.


-- Policies past this point apply to faculty/staff only --


Most library materials loaned to faculty and staff are due in the first week of August. After 21 days, materials may be recalled at the request of another library patron. Items may be renewed up to two times. Faculty and staff who find they need library materials for more than two years are strongly encouraged to consider acquiring a copy for their personal collection and releasing the library copy to the Meredith community.  Educational DVDs circulate for 21 days.  A valid Meredith ID must be presented to check out materials, including reserve items.

Reference books and periodicals circulate only at the discretion of library staff.


Faculty and staff are not subject to overdue fines except for DVD-To-Go and charges for lost items will be assessed. The fine for DVD-To-Go is $1 per day.


Meredith faculty and staff also have borrowing privileges at the other Cooperating Raleigh College libraries. Before the initial visit to the CRC library, the faculty/staff member must obtain a CRC Faculty/Staff card at the circulation desk in the Carlyle Campbell Library.

By presenting this card with Meredith ID at the circulation desk of any CRC library, the faculty/staff member will be allowed to check out materials. The "CRC Library Loan Form" is not required for faculty/staff. The policies of the CRC lending library govern these loans ... not the policies of the Carlyle Campbell Library.


The library supports faculty research projects by providing interlibrary loan photocopies for faculty at no charge.