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Convocations: What is a Convocation?


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What is a convocation?

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Homework – you’ll forget that. It’s convocations that you’ll remember forever

Several times during each academic year everyone at Meredith is called together for unique, high-profile events that happen on campus. 
That’s what a convocation is.

We may be brought together for a talk being given by a well-respected person in her or his field. It may be for a unique musical performance. The content varies – sometimes a convocation will have to do with social or health issues, other times it may focus on history, science, politics, popular culture, or the arts. The person or people presenting the convocation are always very well-known – regionally or even internationally famous.

One of the great things about convocations is that they give you a chance not only to hear or see a presentation, but you have chances to get up close and personal with the presenters. They are some of the brightest and most talented people around -- scientists, novelists, adventurers, musicians, film makers.

Shake their hands. Ask them hard questions. Find out if they are guest-teaching a class and drop in. Put everything else on hold for a while, and connect with these people who have excelled in their fields. A recent alum just told a group of students, “
Homework – you’ll forget that. It’s convocations that you’ll remember forever.