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The Meredith College Archives has an ever expanding collection of oral histories.  As of 2023, the collection contained over 250 audio and some video oral histories. The collection explores many topics of interest such the life of faculty, staff, and students at Meredith College, amplifying the voices of North Carolina women which also included their fight for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.  A recent oral history collection, Voices of Change, elevates the voices of politically active Black women and women of color from across the state and region.  Through continued collaboration with campus partners, the collection continues to evolve and expand.


Meredith College Alumnae Collection

In 1988, Jean Batten Cooper, created a collection of oral histories from Meredith College alumnae. The collection contains 24 one-hour interviews and represent Meredith graduates from 1910-1985. These oral histories are a valuable sources of information on student life at Meredith during those years. Ms. Cooper's project was completed as part of the requirements for a master's degree in history from Wake Forest University. The CD collection of the interviews are housed in the Meredith College Archives.  Transcripts of the interviews are included in the following work:


An Oral History of Meredith College Alumnae by Jean Batten Cooper

NC Women's Oral History Collection

The NC Women's Oral History collection has around 200 oral histories.  The collection captures the stories of NC women from across the state and region as they discuss what life is like for women in NC today.

NC Women's Oral History Collection 2018

Women's Forum of North Carolina

The Women's Forum of North Carolina oral history collection has a total of 26 interviews.  Interviewed were the members of the organization, who in the late 1970 and early 1980's, were committed to the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. This collection captures their stories in their own words.

Women's Forum of NC Oral History Collection

Voices of Change Oral History Collection

The Voices of Change is an oral history collection that amplifies the voices of Black women and women of color. The Voices of Change project highlights the oral histories of women of color who have fought for equity in voting rights or who have served in political office.  It is an initiative facilitated by Meredith College and other community partners, as part of a Legacies of Americans Slavery Initiatives grant. Several institutions participated in the project and have shared their oral histories with the Meredith College Archives. The collection includes oral histories from:

Meredith College

Tuskegee University

Guilford College

Johnson C. Smith

Shaw University

Fruit of May