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Magazines: Opinion Magazines


Opinion magazines include news, editorial, and feature articles with a definite political slant.  They can be useful when researching issues and preparing for pro-con debates, but their presentation of facts will likely be biased.  You should also check more non-partisan news sources (whether in magazines or on the Web) in order to get a more balanced picture.

Liberal Magazines

The Atlantic cover

The Atlantic

In EBSCO: 1993 - present

Harper's cover


In ProQuest: 1988 - present

Mother Jones cover

Mother Jones

In EBSCO: 1990 - present

The Nation cover

The Nation

EBSCO: 1900 - present

New Republic cover

New Republic

In EBSCO: 1914 - present

New Yorker cover

New Yorker

In EBSCO: 2004 - present



Conservative Magazines

American Conservative cover

American Conservative

In ProQuest: 2006 - present

Christianity Today cover


Christianity Today

In EBSCO: 1990 - present

National Review cover

National Review

In EBSCO: 1975 - present

New American cover

New American

In ProQuest: 2002 - present 

Reason cover


In EBSCO: 1994 - present

Weekly Standard cover

Weekly Standard

In ProQuest: 2001 - 2019



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