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Magazines: News, Business, and Science Magazines


Magazines are a great source for news stories, feature articles, and cultural insights.  This guide spotlights some of the most reliable, high-quality magazines available online through our library.  It also showcases archives of magazine issues from past decades, which can be an excellent window into the events and culture of those time periods.

To see if the library provides access to a particular magazine, and for which years, search its title in the Journal Finder.

To run a search across about a dozen of the most important news and culture magazines, go to Major Magazine Search.

News Magazines

Christian Science Monitor cover

Christian Science Monitor

In ProQuest: 1980 - present

The Economist cover

The Economist

In ProQuest: 1992 - present

Newsweek cover


In EBSCO: 1990 - present

TIME Magazine cover

TIME Magazine

In EBSCO: 1923 - present

US News & World Report cover

US News & World Report

In EBSCO: 1990-present

The Week cover

The Week

In ProQuest: 2014 - present



Business Magazines

Bloomberg Businessweek cover

Bloomberg Businessweek

In EBSCO: 1996 - present

Entrepreneur cover


In EBSCO: 2003 - present

Forbes cover


In EBSCO: 1990 - present

Fortune cover


In EBSCO: 2014 - present

Harvard Business Review cover

Harvard Business Review

In EBSCO: 1922 - present

Inc. cover


In EBSCO: 1990 - present



Science Magazines

Discover cover


In EBSCO: 2001 - present

National Geographic cover

National Geographic

In EBSCO: 1995 - 2021

New Scientist cover

New Scientist

In EBSCO: 2002 - present

Popular Science cover

Popular Science

In ProQuest: 1992 - 2020

Scientific American cover

Scientific American

In EBSCO: 2007 - present

Wired cover


In ProQuest: 2008 - present



Magazines in Databases

The databases listed below contain articles from hundreds of magazines.  After running your search, use the Source Type limiter on the left side of the screen to limit your results to "Magazines".