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Considering the Past: Topics in M.C. History

An ongoing research project

Introduction: A Work in Progress

The 125-year-plus history of Meredith College is one of creation and change, and stories of individuals, classes, alumnae, organizations, staff, faculty, families and traditions. One should also consider these stories through many lenses, including the culture of North Carolina, the status of women, the Baptist State Convention and national events. The subjects here explore campus stories with details that try to appreciate the whole.  As ongoing explorations suggest more topics - and possibly corrections -  the work continues every day. 

Mary Lynch Johnson published A History of Meredith College in 1956 with a second edition coming out in 1972. These were followed by The Vision Revisited by Carolyn C. Robinson in 1999. All of these books are available in the Carlyle Campbell Library and online. 

Introduction: A Work in Progress

A photo of students with a Meredith banner in 1918 and a photo of students around large prop  M and C.