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Faircloth Residential Hall is part of the original 1926 quadrangle and is located between Belk Dining Hall and Brewer Residence Hall. The four-floor building is currently used as a residence for freshmen.


When Meredith College was relocated in 1926, Building “B” was one of the first buildings - and one of four dorms - constructed on the new campus. In 1927, the residence hall was named to honor early school trustee William Turner Faircloth (1829-1900), Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court from 1895 until his death. Previously, there had been a Faircloth Hall on Meredith’s original campus in downtown Raleigh, as provided by Mr. Faircloth’s will.

On the new site, Faircloth was a dorm for upperclassmen, with the 4th floor used as the infirmary. After the infirmary was moved to Carroll Hall in 1962, the fourth floor of Faircloth was converted into residential rooms. Today, Faircloth is a freshman residence hall.


William Turner Faircloth (1829-1900)

William Turner Faircloth (1829-1900)

Sympathetic to the "plea for the poor girl," prompted lawyer, Confederate Army captain, businessman, politician and school trustee Judge Faircloth to leave $20,000 to the Baptist Female University in his will. These funds were used to erect a building named for Faircloth at the downtown campus in 1904. In 1927, the honor was transferred to Dormitory "B" on the new campus.

Faircloth Hall on Meredith's old downtown campus, built in 1904.

Faircloth Hall on Meredith's old downtown campus

Built in 1904, when the campus was desperate for space, this building allowed for a greater number of women to be admitted. Faircloth Hall included living space for 96, classrooms, practice rooms and two "society rooms" on the fourth floor. 

A student seated on her iron bed in a dorm room on the old campus

Dorm life on the old campus (1920)

Each bedroom in the old Faircloth Hall included "2 iron beds, space for two trunks, a dresser built in the wall, three chairs, a table, a wash stand and a chamber set."

Dormitory B under construction, 1925.

Dormitory "B" under construction, 1925.

The Georgian-style brick dormitories were four of the six original building on the "new' campus. The 3-story buildings were to house 125 students with a social room on each floor. Each building was equipped with the convenience of kitchenette, a launderette and a pressing room. The fourth floor of of "B" was equipped to serve as the campus infirmary.

Faircloth Hall in the snow

Faircloth Hall in the snow

In the spring after the bitterly cold winter of 1926, students raised funds and st about creating gardens around campus, beginning a tradition of graceful landscaping.  In 1927, Dormitory B was renamed in Faircloth Hall at the request of the alumnae. 

Faircloth Residence Hall in 2017

Faircloth Residence Hall, 2017