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Buildings History


Lux Hall is located west of Johnson Hall and neighbors Carlyle Campbell Library. Lux Hall houses Meredith College's liberal arts disciplines:  English, History, Political Science, Sociology, and Religion. In addition, the offices of International Programs, the Herald, the Honors Program, General Education and Undergraduate Research are located here. 


This 1956 building was the first permanent classroom hall constructed on the "new" campus. Costing $407,725.83, the building was constructed of brick and limestone to mimic the style of the residence halls in the quad. The building was expected to be ready for the school year, but delays postponed opening until October. A variety of liberal art programs - English, History, Political Science, Art, Religion, Philosophy, Language, Sociology, Geography, Psychology, and English have been housed here.

The new hall was originally named for James Yadkin Joyner, a Meredith trustee and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. On April 6, 2022, Yvette Brown (1990), the Chair of the Meredith College Board of Trustees and President Jo Allen (1980), announced via email that the Board of Trustees had voted to temporarily rename the building to Lux Hall, pending further study leading to a permanent name change. Their decision for change acknowledged  a recognition of Joyner’s advocacy for white supremacy and for his role in the unequal funding for schools based on the race of the students. The Board recognized that such racist views are “antithetical to Meredith College’s mission, vision and values.”

The name “Lux,” meaning “light,” is the name of the college seal and also the school’s motto.  

In 1994, the Psychology and Education Departments moved to the newly created Ledford Hall. Then, benefiting from the 1991 Capital Fundraising Campaign, the hall underwent revitalization that included new carpet and paint, furniture and structural changes to offices.

In 1996, the Alumnae Affairs Department initiated the Memorial Bricks Project. For $100, an engraved brick could be purchased and placed as part of the border of one of two patios, one of which is located between Harris Building, the library and Lux. The project was completed in the fall of 1998.


Illustration the the Lux, Meredith College's seal.

The Lux

In March 2022, Joyner Hall was renamed Lux Hall by the Board of Trustees. Acknowledging the troubled associations with the legacy of the previous namesake, the Board chose a name in honor of  the college's seal and motto. Lux means "light" and nicely represents a building that houses Meredith College's disciplines in the humanities.

Alumnae visiting the construction site during commencement weekend, 1956

Alumnae visiting the construction site for the new classroom building during commencement weekend, 1956

Raymond Weeks was the architect of the new hall, which was designed to blend with the original 1926 buildings in the quadrangle. 

Newly built Joyner Hall, 1957

Newly built Joyner Hall, 1957

The new building, at first called the "Arts Building," was formally presented to the N.C. State Baptist Convention in a dedication ceremony on September 25, 1956. An article in the The Twig called the new building a "fulfillment of a dream of thirty-five years." 

Photo of a classroom the new building 1956

Classroom in the new building, 1956

The Mae Grimmer Alumnae House, in its original location, is visible through the window.

Photo of students exiting the hall

Students exiting the previously named Joyner Hall

Photo of Lux Hall in the early 1970s, when it was still named Joyner Hall


By this time, Joyner (now Lux Hall), like the rest of the existing campus buildings, was now encircled by mature trees.