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The Margaret Bright Gallery of Class Dolls

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1920 doll Mary Ida Butler Bridger was class agent. Miss 1920 wears a white dress with a long skirt made of ruffles.


1921 doll This dress of organdy with ruffles up and down the skirt is a replica of the 1921 Class Day dress. Dorothy Loftin Goodwin, ’47, has her mother's dress and a picture of her (Sallie Beal Loftin) in that dress. Moultrie Drake Betts and Nellie Olive Goodwin agree that a local seamstress made the dresses. Elizabeth Cullom Kelly was class agent.


1922 doll Carolyn Mercer thinks that Ruth Couch Allen, a home economics major, outfitted this doll in a light green dress with flowers at the waist. Ruth also made Carolyn's wedding dress for her wedding the afternoon following graduation. Sarah Nooe was class agent.


Ruth Liverman Kilgore, senior class president, was positive that the Class Day dress was white, even though the doll now has a light pink dress. She recalls that a representative from a leading department store came to the class committee with several dresses from which to choose. Ruth thinks that Lillian Horton Ammons arranged for the doll to be dressed in 1936 and thinks that the dress is like the Class Day dress, except in color.


1924 doll Gladys Strickland Satterwhite asked her friend Ada Overby to make their doll's dress. Miss Overby was a staff member at Campbell College and served as secretary to President J. A. Campbell. She made the dress using Gladys' dress as a pattern and lace with the same design as the original Class Day dress. First faculty performance of Alice in Wonderland.


1925 doll Ruby Harville Boyles wrote, “I dressed the doll in the exact style of our Class Day dresses. We all wore dresses alike. Our class colors were orange and yellow; our flower was the California poppy, which was carried out in our dresses. The only thing that is not authentic is that the doll's dress is long, and ours were mid-calf. I made the dress long to cover up the doll's awful legs.”


1926 doll From Crystal Davis Potter in 1983: "Miss 1926 wears a green and white dress that I made from the dress worn and donated by Elinor Lane Petty. Green and white were the class colors, and the lace in the panels and on the scarf was supposed to be a white rose (class flower) pattern. The dresses arrived at Taylor's only a day before Class Day. To the dismay of the more conservative members of the class, the dresses were "disgracefully" short, barely covering the kneecaps, and there was no hem that could be let down. Many girls used the scarf to add a false hem. Just as the exercises were ending, a sudden storm blew up in the cleared area that is now the amphitheater. We dashed wildly up the incline, stopping only to detach our deliriously drifting draperies from dangling branches, to arrive under shelter just in time to avoid a deluge. The next night, on graduation day, about twenty of us stayed over and wore the dresses again as bridesmaids in the wedding of class president Margaret Wheeler to Harvey Kelly. We formed a semi-circle on the second floor of the rotunda in what was then called the Administration Building. Our flowers consisted of the daisy chain from Class Day, draped around our shoulders. The daisy chain had spent the night on the grass under the trees and had collected quite a variety of ants and other insects. As they began exploring their environment, the bridesmaids began to wiggle. Jim, whom I married a few months later, insisted we resembled a hula line! Afterwards, I brushed off the bugs, and Jim and I, UNCHAPERONED, went to the Yarbrough for dinner, the first and only such time since we were introduced in November 1925."


1927 doll Clarissa Poteat was class agent. Miss 1927 wears a below-the-knee beige dress with fringe on her skirt and shawl.


1928 doll Mary Rodwell Hunter Smith was unable to determine who dressed their doll, even after a letter to classmates in 1984. The doll wears a formal yellow gown and cape.


1929 doll Pauline Goodwin Jobe was class president and made the doll dress similar to their Class Day dresses, which were in rainbow colors. Theirs was a “daring dress” with flowing cape sleeves, uneven hemline, and short!