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The Margaret Bright Gallery of Class Dolls

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1960 doll This is the only Madame Alexander doll in the collection. She sports a white skirt, a blazer, and a straw hat. Very stylish.


doll1961 The doll has a white dress with a skirt that falls just below the knees. She wears white shoes with straps around the ankles and her fingernails and toenails are painted red.


1962 doll Home economics majors Sybil Williams Gore and Sue Worthington Miller, along with Barbara Worthington Walker, are believed to have been the doll committee for this class. The outfit is a simple sundress.


1963 dollThe Class of 1963's doll is dressed for Class Day in a simple white A-line skirt topped with a sleeveless blouse and waist-length jacket trimmed in lace. The dressmaker, classmate Kathy Smith Knowles, based the dress on her own and was influenced by styles worn by First Lady Jaqueline Kennedy. 

For everyday casual classroom wear, students in 1963 favored wraparound skirts, blouses with Peter Pan collars and cardigan sweaters. Accessories included circle pins and Weejun loafers worn with socks. 



1964 doll Mary McManus Chapman dressed this doll. Her halo is related to their stunt "Perfect Seniors in 'AIPOTU"' (Utopia spelled backwards). They called themselves the perfect class because they won all the Stunts and Cornhuskins for four years!


1965 doll Class members at their 20th reunion think that Nancy Lou Jones Kennon dressed their doll. The banner, "Never Say Die," was not because they were in the radical '60s, but because even though they never won anything, such as Stunt or Cornhuskin', they never gave up. (Information from Betsy Denson Deal, February 1987)


1966 doll Paula Lowry Herren dressed this doll and tells us that the suit was a copy of a John Meyers paisley suit that almost everyone on campus had for spring '66. Long hair was popular and often worn up.


1967 doll Patsy Howell Cuthrell dressed the 1967 doll in a full-length dress. She carries a basket filled with flowers.


1968 Doll In the spring of 1968, class members selected Suzanne Williams (Griffin) and Gay Felton (Smith) to dress the class doll. Since the doll was to represent the fashion of the times, it was decided that our doll would be dressed in the short, striped dress with shoes that matched one of the colors in the dress. Additionally, she would have a bobbed haircut with bangs and a bow in her hair. If visiting Meredith’s campus at this time, you would definitely see many of the class of ’68 dressed in similar outfits!


1969 Doll The doll for 1969 is outfitted in a miniskirt, print blouse, and knitted sweater worn casually over her shoulders. Carlyle Campbell Library opens for business.