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The Margaret Bright Gallery of Class Dolls

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1990 Doll The doll is dressed in blue jean shorts, Guatemalan belt, white tee shirt, and Tretorn brand tennis shoes. She resembles the typical daily attire of a Meredith student in 1990. The doll committee chairperson was Cheryl Alderman.


1991 Doll Presented by Margie Hardison, senior class doll chairperson, this doll’s name is Beverly Clark, after the first American female killed in action during Operation Desert Storm. She is wearing a yellow ribbon to recognize those overseas. Her romper was designed by Margie Hardison and sewn by Margie Hardison and Susanne Carver. The romper has a bib collar, ¾ length sleeves, and a dropped waist. It is navy with a pink and white floral print. Her shoes are navy Sam and Libby brand ballerina flats. She is wearing pink ribbon headband, gold hoop earrings, and her Meredith ring. The shoes were designed by Mary Anne Loftis and Melissa McNeill, hair by Gwen Newkirk, and headband by Susan Liles. The doll committee members were Hope Howell, Gwen Newkirk, Susanne Carver, Lisa White, Susan Liles, Melissa McNeill, Rebecca Ward, Mary Anne Loftis, Molly Howell, Raven Joyner, Susanna Jarvis, Kelli Johnson, and Margie Hardison.


1992 Doll The class chose an outfit of black stirrup pants, black and white checked blazer, gold jewelry, and black accessories. The doll wears a graduation cap and is named Meredith Taylor in honor of our school and our beloved advisor, Olive Taylor. The doll committee members were Melanie Overby and Christy Thomas, Chairs; Liz Atkins, Seamstress; Mary Anderson, and Jane Braxton.


1993 Doll Cindy Rebecca is named after two very influential women, our class advisor Dr. Cindy Bross and the late Dr. Rebecca Murray, professor of education. The doll is dressed in a red turtleneck and houndstooth check walking shorts, both representative of our four years at Meredith. Cindy is also wearing opaque black tights and black flats with a red rhinestone design. Her accessories include pearl earrings, a pearl necklace, and the traditional Meredith class ring. The design is by the doll committee members; co-chairs were Shawna Hastings and Anne Lehman; Mandy Dill and Alissa Hoober did the sewing.


1994 Doll The doll for the class of 1994 is named Bobby Jo (B. J.) in memory of our classmate and friend, Bobby Jo Strickland. B. J. is wearing a long, denim sarong skirt, a white turtleneck, and a hand knit, multicolored sweater vest. Her hair is shoulder length and tapered around her face. The Class of 1994 doll committee decided to accessorize B. J. with a popular recurring style of shoe, clogs. She is wearing the traditional Meredith College class ring, a charm bracelet, and gold hoop earrings. The Class of 1994 decided to represent Meredith women as unique individuals with one common bond—Meredith College—by having the doll hold paper dolls. Doll committee members were Emily Boyce, Chair; Cindy Byrd; Sheri Cannon; Dawn Fleming; Lori Watson; and Marlee Wilson. Special thanks to Mary Cannon, Hettie Mae Ennis, Janice Fowler, Sarah Smith Watson, '53


1995 Doll This class acknowledged Professor of Mathematics Dr. Charles Davis, who was their class advisor, by naming their doll Charlie. They felt that “Dr. Davis has definitely gone far and beyond his call of duty to the Class of 1995, and for his dedication, the class doll was named in his honor.” Charlie is dressed in a black ribbed turtleneck with a denim A-line jumpsuit. The short dress, black tights, and mules are all types of clothing the 1995 class wore throughout their college years. Charlie's jewelry includes the Meredith class ring, silver earrings, bracelet, and necklace, and a wallet over-the-shoulder purse. The committee members were Shannon Baynor, Chair; Hasty Barron, designed and created turtleneck and jumpsuit; April Jones, nails and lips; Leigh Butler; Cindy Decker; Lea Dunn; Thomissa Taily; Ronda Johnson; and Nicole Taylor. The committee would like to extend a special thank you to Aubree Atkinson who cut and styled Charlie's hair.


1996 Doll The doll is named Angelica Thomas after our mascot (the angel) and Thomas Meredith (one of the founders of Meredith College). She has long, dark brown hair, with a trendy flip and layered bangs. The accessories include the popular Melrose black bead and silver daisy necklace with tiny silver cubed earrings with a daisy etched on them. She has a Meredith ring on her right hand; in her left hand she is holding a pearl and diamond tiara, representing our classmates: Miss North Carolina 1994 Dana Ann Stephenson, and Miss North Carolina 1995 Lisa Anne Bamford. Our class was the only class this century to have two Miss North Carolinas as members. In her right hand Angelica Thomas holds a perfectly shaped white crook with our class colors, purple and gold in a bow. The class of 1996 was the first class in 13 years to find the crook from the seniors. Angelica Thomas is positioned in a stride, with her left foot in front of the right as if she were walking forward. This symbolizes our versatility to have any career and to be successful. This is the first doll in 96 years positioned differently: she is looking over her shoulder. She is wearing a cream, ribbed turtleneck, tucked into an army-green colored wool skirt that buttons up the front. She is also wearing black ribbed tights, black high-heeled penny loafers, and has a black backpack on her shoulders. In this backpack there is one 1996 penny that she will always carry to remind her of the seniors' $2000 victory at Cornhuskin' in penny barrels. Committee members were Ruth Anne Bowles, Co-Chairman; Christian Hunt, Co-Chairman; Shani Siedel; Allison Carroll; Beth Haneman; Kristie Hutchinson. Special thanks to Betty and Norman Bowles; Linda Church; Wendy Brock from The Cutting Edge for cutting Angelica Thomas' hair; Kristie Hutchinson. '96, for styling Angelica Thomas' hair; Elizabeth King for making the tights; Pat Watts for creating her clothing; Dana Stephenson; Lisa Bamford.


1997 Doll The 1997 Meredith College Class Doll is named Frances Jo Burris. Fran is to remind us of the hurricane that struck Raleigh in September 1996. The doll's middle name is Jo, in honor of Dr. Jo Guglielmi, our class advisor. “Dr. G" has supported our class for four wonderful years, and we appreciate all of her hard work and dedication. The doll's last name, Burris, is in honor of Dr. Allen Burris, dean and vice president of the College. Dean Burris has been with Meredith College since 1969, and is retiring this year. Fran is wearing black velvet overalls. This ties together the popularity of overalls and the stylish black velvet fabric. Fran is also wearing a white satin shirt and an animal print scarf around her neck. Her hair is red and curly, which represents the number of red-heads in our class. The doll's accessories include silver ball earrings, and a traditional Meredith College ring on her right ring finger. On her shoulder, Fran carries a bag made of black velvet. In the bag is a wishbone from our Big Sister class of 1995, symbolizing good luck. A daisy represents our Class Day of 1997 when we celebrated our graduation with our Little Sisters. The piece of chalk represents the "incident" from our sophomore year when we lost Cornhuskin'. However, losing brought us together as a class in 1995 to beat the senior class with our theme, Three Ring Circus. This Cornhuskin' victory is commemorated by three rings on Fran's left wrist. Finally, in her left hand she holds the small replica of an airplane. This is to remember our senior Cornhuskin' theme, It's Time for Us to Fly! And now we, the class of 1997, will fly on. Thank you, Meredith College, for wonderful memories and an incredible education! Co-Chairs were Kristi Balzer and Claire Evans. Special thanks to Rebekah Abrams, Jonna Anderson, Donna Gaurganus, Tamara McHenry, Jennifer Johnson, and Ginny Scholz.


1998 Doll The class doll of the Class of 1998 is named Erika, in memory of our classmate and friend, Erika Woodlief. Erika is a porcelain doll, created for us by Margaret Debnam of Bunn, NC. Erika is wearing a black pique pantsuit and a cobalt blue tank top. Her shoes are chunky-heeled loafers, which were painted on. Erika's brown hair is in a bob, and she has bright blue eyes. The class doll committee decided to accessorize Erika with silver bead earrings, the Meredith class ring, and a silver slide necklace. The pendant on the necklace is engraved with a '98. As a further reminder of our friend Erika, the doll is wearing maroon and white ribbons on her jacket. Erika holds a bag of sticks and stones in the colors of the Class of 1996 to represent that we are an even class and to “protect us from the Odd Spirit's bone." Attached to the purple bag is a Dalmatian dog, symbolizing the Heilman fire and an ear of corn symbolizing our Cornhuskin' victory. The class doll committee was Hettie Nelms, Co-chair; Beth Sumrell, Co-chair; Catherine Fronabarger; Stephanie Harris. Special Thanks to Margaret Debnam for making the doll and for all of her help.


1999 Doll The 1999 Meredith College class doll is named Milli Taylor Smith. Milli is in reference to our being the last class of the millennium and Taylor is in honor of our “virtual president,” Charles Taylor. We are thankful to have had President Taylor as a visual supporter and strong influence in all of our lives. The doll’s last name, Smith, is in memory of Dr. Deborah Smith, an influential and caring professor of biology. Milli is holding our class mascot, Peaches, the dog belonging to our class advisor, Dr. Charles Davis. Peaches and Dr. Davis attended numerous class functions in support of our class. Milli is wearing fashionable undergarments, including a black lace trimmed brassiere and a half-slip. She is wearing a gray skirt with a side slit, complemented with black suede, silver-buckled belt. Milli has on a fitted black knit turtle neck with coordinating black opaque tights, and her foot attire consists of handmade black leather, chunky-heeled pumps. Peaches is wearing a burgundy suede collar with a gold buckle. Milli’s hair is done in a stylish shoulder length flip, with a trendy butterfly barrette. Her blue eyes represent our underclassmen class color. On her necklace, Milli has a square slide that matches her earrings. On her wrist is a silver, beaded bracelet complementing her necklace. Milli would never be seen without her Meredith class ring on her right hand. She is carrying a black suede purse containing many class memories. A tiny crook represents our class finding the crook during our junior year. The colorful wig is in memory of the original Oddballs, our spirit team. In the scrapbook, Milli is carrying many pictures of our Cornhuskin’ and stunt victories. Her ivy-stand is in commemoration of her debut at Class Day. Contributions by Bennett Bell, co-chairperson; Candice Pinocci, co-chairperson; Carrie Fields; and Margaret Debam. Special thanks to Chris Hixson for making our wishes come true.