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The Margaret Bright Gallery of Class Dolls

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1980 Doll Vicki Miguel Davis and Leslie Landis Hayes dressed this doll. The doll, in her tie, blouse, madras plaid skirt with side slits, and navy blazer, looks the part of a young alumna headed for a job interview. She wears matching pumps.


1981 Doll Alice Keith Massenburg fixed the French-braided hair for Miss 1981. She is the only doll to date wearing Calvin Klein jeans—“authentic," declared Jackie Revels, president of the class.


1982 Doll As I watched the television coverage about the death of Nancy Reagan this morning, I was reminded of my days at Meredith College. It was my honor to dress the class doll for 1982 and we had a discussion during a class meeting about what style we wanted to have represent us. We talked about returning to the tradition of the earliest dolls and attiring Miss 1982 in a formal gown. We eventually decided, however, to look to two of the most recognizable and influential women in the world at that time - Lady Diana Spencer and First Lady Nancy Reagan - for our inspiration. Our doll "Nancy Diana" is dressed in a sapphire blue linen suit much like the one Diana wore in her engagement photographs and features a ruffle neck blouse similar to those Nancy was often seen wearing. Nancy Diana is proudly wearing her onyx class ring fashioned from a black bead and gold wire. The style of our doll wasn't based on politics or position but on two women whose strength we had not even begun to realize. Rest in peace, Nancy. And Diana. We were right about you both.


1983 Doll The class voted for the "Lady Di" style (Lady Diane married Prince Charles in 1981). Beth Lewis, Christie Gresham, and Karen McAden dressed the doll.


1984 Doll Kim Causey, senior class president, made this presentation of their class doll at the Alumnae Day luncheon: "Dances have always been, and will continue to be, a special event on Meredith's campus. And one of the most exciting parts is probably just seeing everybody in their festive attire. In the last year particularly, however, the question hasn't been 'What kind of dress shall I wear to the dance?' but 'What color taffeta dress shall I wear?' And so, it is only appropriate that the Class of 1984 should present to the Alumnae Association our class doll, which is wearing a formal dress of periwinkle taffeta. The dress has a fitted bodice, ruffled neckline, and at the waist a cummerbund that ties in the back. The long full skirt hides a beautiful crinoline slip underneath. Finally, to top things off, are a pearl necklace, bracelet, earrings, and pretty flowers in a wrist corsage and headband. Nita Rogister has been working hard on the doll, and I'm sure she would join me in inviting you to admire the doll whenever you can as she takes her place in Johnson Hall." The Meredith Honors Program is initiated.


1985 Doll This doll is wearing a Forenza-style sweater with a tee shirt underneath. Her linen pants are cropped. Her flats match her sweater and she has a blunt haircut with a rose colored bow. She is wearing blue earrings and a class ring. Kelli Falk dressed Miss 1985, assisted by Lynn Berle.


1986 Doll Ten members of the senior class served on the doll committee and presented three designs for the class to vote on. The design chosen was made by Betty Matthews, mother of Margaret Matthews, '86. Mrs. Matthews designed the patterns for the undergarments and the outer clothing. The undergarments consist of a fitted camisole, tap panties, and slip made of a polyester-silk blend, trimmed with lace and satin bows. The outer garments are a white batiste blouse with puff sleeves and concealed buttons with hand-made buttonholes, a hand-knit teal cardigan sweater, and matching skirt trimmed with white pearl-cotton. The two-piece knit suit with raglan sleeves was made of Reynolds acrylic yarn and complemented with pearl buttons. The accessories consist of pearl earrings, a pearl collar pin, white hose and teal pumps. Betty Garrison, aunt of Teresa Ward, '86, cut the doll’s hair in a bob-style.


1987 Doll From Kelli L. Barefoot, class doll chairperson: “The doll wears a red, slightly oversized cotton turtleneck sweater. Her skirt is denim with a long hemline. A silk scarf cinches her waist and ties at the side. She wears lacy hose and black leather riding boots. Her hair is pulled back in a matching bow. Tiny gold bow earrings accent the outfit. Leigh Eury, '87, knit the sweater and Peggy Carter made the skirt.”


1988 Doll Miss 1988 wears a turquoise blouse, mid-calf length tan skirt, a multi-color scarf, and gold necklace. Teaching Fellows program is initiated.


1989 Doll The doll is named Jennifer, the most popular name in the class. Shandra Lanier Stocks and Lori Harris dressed their doll in a knee-length drop-waist denim jumper, white mock turtleneck sweater, white roll-down ankle socks, and buck shoes. The doll's shoulder-length hair is pulled back with a cloth headband. She wears a Meredith class ring and 14K gold necklace.