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The Margaret Bright Gallery of Class Dolls

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2000 doll Our doll is named Millicent Faith Hartford: Millicent because our class is the first class to graduate in the new millennium and century; Faith because it was faith that got us through; and Hartford in honor of the first female president of Meredith College, Dr. Maureen Hartford. Millicent is dressed for the celebration of the new millennium in a silver ball-gown skirt, complemented by a black strapless top and sheer beaded scarf. Her accessories include an invisible necklace with matching earrings, a twisted silver bracelet, and her Meredith class ring. Millicent has blue eyes, blonde hair, and her nails are painted dusty pink. She is placed on an oak stand to represent the Oak Leaves, our College yearbook. On the stand, there are hand painted daisies and ivy and an engraved plaque, which reads "Circle of Friends, 2000" to represent the never-ending friendships that we have made as the Class of 2000. The time capsule placed beside her is filled with many memories that Class of 2000 will always hold close to their hearts.

The time capsule holds the following:
A grand piano and roses (Father/Daughter Dance)
An Olympic gold medal (Senior Cornhuskin')
A crook with 8 a.m. on it (Crook Hunt)
A cup and kettle (Mother/Daughter Tea)
A hat, glove, ball, and a bat (Junior Cornhuskin')
A CD (Bathtub Ring)
A heart (Class of 1998)
Fish (Sophomore Cornhuskin')
Chicken (Dining Hall)
Corn (Cornhuskin')
Pearls (Our Favorite Accessory)
Penny (Penny Barrel Champs)
Cards and dice (Class of 2002 and Alice in Wonderland)
Maniac Hair (Freshman Cornhuskin')
Musical Note (Stunt)
Ribbons (In memory of Erika Woodlief ('98), Courtney Carelock ('02), and Stacey Hudson ('02) Akie Segawa ('02)
Noise Maker (All the noise 2000 has made!!!)
Co-chairs were Holly Johnson and Tiffany Keith. Special thanks to Maridith Kenna (outfit), and Mike Ingram (accessories).

Note: Accessories not photographed. All items on display in Johnson Hall.


2001 doll We are excited that our class is the first class to embrace the growing diversity on Meredith College's campus and incorporate it into our class doll. We are pleased to present the Class Doll of 2001, Cynthia Jo Hanner. Cynthia is taken from centennial, with our class being the 100th graduating class from Meredith College. Her middle name, Jo, is used to show our appreciation to our outstanding class advisor, Dr. Jo Guglielmi, who has been with us these past four years. Hanner was chosen as the last name to honor a beloved professor of business, Dr. Sandra Hanner, whom we lost to cancer in the spring of 2001. There have been many trends throughout our time at Meredith. Cynthia is wearing one of the biggest comeback trends, black Capri pants. Her red cardigan set comes in handy for all of those Wolfpack games. Animal print has been incorporated in many ways. We chose zebra print for her matching purse and belt. Perhaps most important are her black flip-flops, which complement any Meredith outfit. Most importantly, Cynthia is wearing her Meredith ring in white gold. She is also wearing the MC charm necklace, which she acquired her sophomore year. To offset her Meredith jewelry, she is wearing a silver watch and silver bracelet. Other comeback trends we have seen are silver hoop earrings and colored lens glasses. Included in her zebra purse are a few reminders of the memories we have shared here at Meredith College over the past four years. Cynthia would never forget her whistle, needed for those late Cornhuskin' nights. In fact, because of all of our 2001 whistles, we won the spirit stick. Another stick in her bag is the crook, which has a black ribbon tied on it to represent our success in finding the crook. The daisy chain is wrapped around Cynthia's purse and symbolizes the special bond we share with our little sister class. Cynthia did not leave for class without her green clover, worn in support for our dear classmate, Lacy Ross, and the white ribbon pinned on her cardigan is in remembrance of beloved Akie Segawa. The pink ribbon tied around her purse is in memory of Dr. Hanner. Class doll co-chairs were Julianna Hacskaylo Abernethy, Angela Michelle Cummings, and Kathryn Marley Finch. Special thanks to 2001 Executive Board, Dr. Jo Guglielmi, Becky Woodard, and the Class of 2001.


2002 Doll Liberty Hope Jackson, nicknamed "Libby"

Here is the doll of 2002
And to our class she will be true
Like our class color, her eyes are green
The prettiest ones we've ever seen
Sarah Hroza styled her hair
The flipped out do took time and care
The color is a luminous chestnut brown
It's medium length when she wears it down
She's wearing a sweater in a Meredith hue
The cowl neck style is classy and new
Her sweater coat and jeans will keep her warm
For the unpredictable weather in the dorm
Meredith Kohari's seamstress skills
Made our doll dressed to kill
She wears a beaded bracelet on her wrist
And Hotsy Totsy nails for an added twist
The patriotic ribbon of red, white and blue
Represents the tragedy our nation went through
To complete her look she needs one more thing,
The tie that binds, her Meredith ring
Now that the doll's finished to our satisfaction
We're proud to introduce "Libby" - Liberty Hope Jackson.

Her first name, Liberty, is a reflection of the events that transpired our senior year. We will always remember our friends who helped us through these uncertain times. Her middle name, Hope, represents hope for our nation and hope for our future. Finally, her last name, Jackson, is in honor of Dean Jean Jackson, who through her service and dedication has exemplified what it truly means to be a Meredith Angel.

To accompany Libby, we created a time capsule that includes memorabilia from our four years at Meredith. First of all, representing our Cornhuskin's are:
A penny, representing penny barrels
A mirror, representing our freshman theme, Heavenly Reflections
Dice, representing our sophomore theme, Double or Nothing
A cowboy hat, representing our junior theme, Round Three
A glittery star, representing our senior theme, The Final Frontier

We also included:
A map and picture of Meredith before construction
A straw hat representing Class Day
A Graduation cap
A Tie that Binds ribbon
An American flag, a patriotic star sold at Meredith as a fundraiser for the Red Cross, and a newspaper clipping from September 12 issue of The News and Observer

And representing members of the Class of 2002 who are no longer with us are commemorative ribbons, orange and green ribbons for Courtney Carelock and red and purple ribbons for Stacy Hudson. To decorate the top of the time capsule, there is a beautiful green and white bow, which represents our class colors and our class spirit. We thank several people whose contributions helped make Libby the stylish beauty that she is: Sarah Hroza for hair; Meredith Kohari for outfit; Alison Crawford and Lauren Moore for class ring and nails; and Amanda Knox and Jenny Wilson for the poem. Class doll co-chairs were Kathryn Ott and Ashley Taylor.


2003 Doll The Class of 2003 is proud to have Jessica Uniquity Davis as our class doll. The doll's first name is Jessica, after the first female prisoner of war rescued from Iraqi forces on April 2, 2003. We chose to honor Jessica Lynch because of the courage she displayed in the face of great adversity. Uniquity is a combination of the words "unity" and "unique." We have been unified as a class and unique as a group. Her last name is Davis to honor Dr. Charles Davis, who has served as our class advisor during our four years at Meredith and has played the role of father, friend, and teacher. The expression on Jessica's face captures the real spirit of the Class of 2003. Her bright smile is typical of those on her classmates' faces as they spend their days working and playing on Meredith's campus. The Class of 2003 has never hurt for smiles or laughter. However, Jessica's expression is not the only feature that sets her apart from the other dolls in the collection; her curvy figure also shows the Class of 2003's tendency to break the mold. Jessica is wearing an outfit that is both stylish and functional. Her cream colored sweater has kept her warm during the numerous snow and ice storms she experienced in her four winters at Meredith. The knee-length, suede skirt, and pointy-toed boots were very popular in 2003. Her Vera Bradley bag in the Elizabeth pattern has carried her books to class and her notebooks to many meetings. The multi-colored scarf not only reminds Jessie of her class's rainbow colors, it also represents the deep diversity within the class. To the Class of 2003, diversity is more than the color of one's skin or where someone comes from; diversity is what makes us important to each other. Diversity of interests, skills, and passions makes the members of the class unique as individuals and as a unit. Members of the class have learned to depend on each other during their four years at Meredith College. It is within our individual differences that our collective voice is strengthened and new insight is gained. Even her jewelry has special meaning. Along with her irreplaceable class ring, she wears a silver bracelet that holds the MC charm she received her sophomore year. She is also wearing a bracelet with charms that signify her class's four Cornhuskin' themes and the two spirit sticks we won freshman and junior year. There is a boat to remind her of freshman year's theme, Sailing Into New Harbors; a high heel shoe to remind her of sophomore year's Twenty Steps Out; a clock to remind her of junior year's It's Time to Survive; and a plane to represent senior year's Hidden Destinations. The clock is set to ten o'clock, the time that the Class of 2003 will graduate. Her necklace and earrings are the chunky turquoise stone that was popular in 2003. At her feet is Peaches, Dr. Davis' dog, who has cheered for the Class of 2003 at numerous events. Her trunk symbolizes the way in which we will pack up and take our memories as we prepare to move towards new Hidden Destinations. In the trunk she has her Meredith College tote, a product of a successful class fundraiser. The tote holds her sombrero from 103rd Night's Seniorita Fiesta, raffle tickets from class meetings, and the whistle she has blown at many Cornhuskin' hall raids. Also on the bag is a pink ribbon to show our concern for breast cancer awareness and fundraising for the cause. In the top of the trunk she keeps an American flag, remembering the events of September 11 and the Iraqi conflict; two snowflakes to remind her of the snow storm her freshman year and the ice storm her senior year; an umbrella like the one she used during hurricane Floyd; the passport she used when she studied abroad; a heart engraved with '01, '03, '05 to represent the great love and appreciation the class has for its Big and Lil Sis classes; a music note to represent all the fabulous lip sync performances put on by the Class of 2003 Executive Board; a letter from the first Senior Parent Night to thank her parents for their love and support; a basketball from the two years that Meredith basketball team made the NCAA tournament; a car to remember the memorable Ring Week car raid down Hillsborough Street and through Fraternity Court; a NASA pin to commemorate the Columbia space shuttle that crashed in the spring of her senior year; lips to symbolize winning Stunt Lip Sync our freshman and sophomore years; and a painted handprint that reminds her of time she and her classmates spent volunteering to raise money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation and other organizations. In the bottom of the trunk she has packed a bundle of daisies to signify that her class was the last to pick from the original daisy field and to show her excitement for presenting the College with a new daisy field; a shovel used at the ground-breaking of the new Science and Mathematics Building; science and math books from her first semester in the building; a paint palette used to "design her future" during freshman orientation; and a roll of film to capture the many unforgettable memories she has enjoyed sharing with the Class of 2003! Class doll co-chairs were Amanda Austin, Amanda Fletcher, and Joelle Wike.


2004 Doll Dressed in fall fashion, she looks good, don't you think?
With a boat neck shirt that vivid shade of pink,
Darts taper down to the tie at her waist
It's easy to tell that she has good taste.
Her pants are classic dark denim jeans,
Dressed up or dressed down, they are good for all scenes.

She carries a jacket, corduroy-made,
With tortoise shell buttons, she's making the grade!
She keeps a matching tote conveniently near,
Monogrammed with MC and our class year.
For the clothes, we must thank our seamstress, Blair White
For every stitch and hem is finished just right.

Her brunette locks are swooped and tied,
With her chin held high, she looks forward with pride.
Now to her accessories, this lady's got style
The classic look of pearls draws attention to her smile.
But adding new flair to an old standard strand
A ribbon of satin makes her look grand.
And now to the piece that distinguishes us all,
An onyx graces her finger, oh so small.

Dressed in a look that is casual, yet trendy
She's all put together when it's sunny or windy.
She's a woman on the move, heading this way and that,
A true member of '04 knows this balancing act.
With socials, traditions, homework, and classes
It's amazing to her how quickly time passes.

In order to make sure her memories remain,
She carries a traveling trunk covered in stain,
And stampings and pictures of her journey here
Marking every experience she wants to hold dear.

From orientation, frolic, and fire and water,
To Tuesdays with Morrie, and Mother and Daughter,
And a night of dancing with dear old Dad
Saying good-bye to our big sisses was memorable but sad.
Also that year, after that day in September,
Our class made felt stars to support and remember,
Traveling with Study Abroad opened our eyes.
And two nights in Wonderland were a delightful surprise.
Cornhuskin', Stunt, charms, and rings,
These were a few of our favorite things.

And now we are thrilled and pleased to introduce,
Our lovely class doll that we were proud to produce.
Named for the actress, Hepburn, who recently passed,
She was educated, talented, and known for her class.
Also poised with dignity, presence, and couth
Her middle name represents our class's integrity and truth.
And then, to acknowledge one very special friend,
Our advisor's faith and dedication has carried us to the end,
Thus, we are finally pleased to announce,
Our class doll: Katharine Grace LeCount.

Paige Kemmerer Rebecca Lee Laura Williams


2005 Doll We are proud to present Asia Grace McKay Fletcher as the class doll for the class of 2005. A double name was chosen to make her stand out from the other dolls in the collection. Asia is representative of the Tsunami disaster that happened December of our senior year and Grace indicates how our class has gracefully handled stressful situations. To bring a little history our doll carries the name McKay, after Ruth McKay, the class of 1905's president. Her last name is Fletcher, to represent our wonderful advisor, Heidi. Heidi has been supportive of our class through thick and thin over the past four years.
Asia Grace is wearing a pink collared shirt, dark jeans, and pointy shoes. Long earrings and matching bracelet complete her look. And of course, no Meredith girl can be without her ring. In her blue toile bag, Asia Grace carries her books from her many classes, indicating the variety of majors that the class of 2005 has. Also in her purse is her Oddball wig, a pair of sunglasses, a passport from studying abroad, and a straw hat from Class Day 2003 and 2005.
Enclosed in Asia Grace's Nalgene bottle time capsule are many items that represent events that happened during our time here at Meredith. The outside is decorated with a rainbow, our class colors. Also on the outside are a yellow LiveStrong bracelet and pink Breast Cancer Awareness bracelet. On the inside are her Meredith Votes pin, her cap from graduation, art palettes from tunnel painting, corn from her four Comhuskin's, a camera to capture her many memories to Stay Alive After '05, and money for all of her t-shirts. The microphone is from when Asia Grace participated in the Stunt lip-sync, from "Independent Women" to "Thursday Night Fever" to "Meredith Bandstand" and "That's a Wrap." She also shows her support to the many athletes in the class of 2005.
The 2005 doll quilt features all of the t-shirts and Comhuskin' sweatshirts, specific to the class of 2005. From freshman year, Asia Grace has shirts from Freshman Frolic "Made in the 80's", Fire and Water Dinner, Orientation "Catch the Wave", an American flag to remember 9/11 and to support the troops, her Cornhuskin' "Our First Flight" sweatshirt, her laptop, and her 03/05 Big Sis/Lil Sis shirt. From sophomore year, Asia Grace has her charm from Charming Evening, a flashlight in case the power goes out again, her shirts from Father/Daughter dance and Mother/Daughter tea, a piece of construction net from all the construction that has happened during our four years, her Class Day 2003 shirt, and a die from "Meredithopoly." From junior year, the raindrops represent the hurricane that came through Raleigh, her shirts from Crook Hunt, 05/07 Big Sis/Lil Sis, and Cornhuskin' "A Touch of Reality", a Cornhuskin' whistle, her Meredith ring that she received at ring dinner, and a snowflake which stands for the ice storm and many snows over the four years that hit Raleigh. From senior year, Asia Grace has her t-shirts from Senior Parent Night, Cornhuskin' "Stayin' Alive After '05", Class Day 2005, 105th Night, Cornhuskin' Shuck Off, Senior Picnic "Senior Round Up", and "It's Great Being Odd." The quilt is complete with an edge of ribbon made of Asia Grace's class colors.
A special thanks to Lisa Hamilton for making the clothes, Clark Adams for making the platform, Sarah Barker for cutting the hair, and the class of 2005 for their great ideas!

-- 2005 Class Doll Co-Chairs: Ashley Arnold, Holly Schmidt, and Mandi Troutman


2006 Doll She proudly stands at 22 inches
Her dress of stripes made with all the right stitches
With the time and talent of Mrs. Christy Steel
Our visions of this Meredith lady became real

The colors are bold, brilliant, and bright
Matching our performance each Cornhuskin' night
White and green, the pattern entails
To show a class bond that never fails

A strand of pearls on her neck we did place
And for fashion a ribbon of pink satin, not lace
"It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that ring"
So this doll comes complete with her own little bling.

Her elegance and style are never in doubt
Our doll is always ready to go out and about
Whether dancing in Hog Call or learning Pig Latin
She's ready for Playmakers or the streets of Manhattan

A serious side this doll too does show
She's experienced good times, but also some low
In memory of junior Johanna Minta she wears
A Livestrong bracelet in support of Meredith Cares

In remembrance of Math professor Dr. Gwen Clay
She carries a text book in her tote bag this day
She is also prepared with her laptop to take a look
From class notes, to emails, sometimes messaging and even Facebook.

Named for the hurricane which struck the Gulf Coast
Wounding our country and its people the most
She holds this name first although merely a fraction
It serves as a reminder for our constant call to action

Her second nature is one that you may not know
As it stands for someone who is always on the go
In support of our class she has been ever so true
For at three a.m. on a time capsule CDs she will glue

Last but not least and before you all burst
She's named for a justice, whose reign was the first
Through strength and determination a foundation she laid
A tribute to the leadership we so often have displayed

Remember dear friends four years is only an amount
This doll holds more memories than any angel can count
2006, it gives us great honor
To leave our Legacy with: Katrina Lynn O'Connor

Doll Co-Chairs: Lindsey de La Fosse, Elizabeth Loftis, Allison McCarter


2007 Doll We are thrilled to present our class doll, Harmony Johanna Davis. Like the dolls of our Odd Sisters, ours too embraces the changing face of Meredith College. Her first name, Harmony, meaning "a beautiful blending," symbolized the many different and beautiful women that have joined together to form the class of '07. It is also representative of the Class of '07 banding together with fellow students to rise above intolerance and hate. Johanna is in honor of our sister Johanna Alyse Minta, who left us too soon. Though Johanna is gone, she is always remembered and forever missed. Her last name Davis is in honor of our beloved professor, friend, and advisor, Dr. Charles Davis. In keeping with the style, Harmony is wearing a cowl neck tunic, skinny jeans, and a waist belt to accent her outfit. She is also carrying a green organic silk tote, representative of our campus movement towards a greener community. In her tote you will spot the cute and familiar face of our class mascot, Peaches, who has attended and supported our class in numerous events. You will also see an orange ribbon worn in remembrance of the tragedy that took place on April 16, 2007 at Virginia Tech University. Thirties Time's A Charm, and so is Harmony in her sterling silver charm. Finally, no angel is complete without her Meredith onyx. Harmony is a busy angel and involved in many activities. She is a member of the Meredith soccer team and keeps her jersey, soccer ball, and cleats close by. She is proud of her team's accomplishments and most of all, their bid to the NCAA tournament. Her dresser is full of all her Meredith memories. The straw hat reminds her of sipping tea with her mom at "A Day at the Races," and her cocktail dress and heels make her reminiscent of dancing the night way with her dad at "A Night on the Town." Harmony had also held on to her tutu in remembrance of the Class of 2007's Cornhuskin' victory! "All the World's A Stage," but just in case the sprinklers cut on in the wee hours of the morning, Harmony has plenty of extra clothes and tons of Meredith t-shirts! She is also preparing for her trip to Sudan, to help aid workers in the genocide crisis. Along with her passport, Harmony has a compass so she can find her way back to the "Seventh Wonder of Our World." Last, but not least, daisies are present to remind Harmony of the bond between her big sis class of 2005 and li'l sis class of 2009. Harmony Johanna Davis is dedicated to the loving memory of our sister, Johanna Alyse Minta, our professor Dr. John Creagh, and our amazing class... "07, YOU KNOW!"

-- Class Doll Co-Chairs Megan Hembree and Brittany Nance

Note: Accessories not photographed. All items on display in Johnson Hall.


2008 Doll Meet Charley Alice Cokely,
The newest member of the class of '08.
She's excited to be part of a sisterhood so great.
Her name is Charley, after that fateful storm,
During which we moved into the freshman dorms.
From there she learned to Balance, Navigate, and Explore
And bought a First Class Ticket to get her foot in the door.
At the end of that year she Sat on the Dock of the Bay.
She knew in her heart she had found her way.

The following fall she had so much to do,
Spending time with Big Sis and her Guardian Angel, too.
In Cornhuskin' she showed MC what was up,
And at Tea for Two, she drank tea from a cup.
Sweet Southern Charm marked an evening of fun.
When Faircloth flooded, out of the building she did run.
Dressed all in white, to Class Day she came.
She woke up at four to make the daisy chain.
She bid farewell to her beloved Big Sis then,
Only to become one herself to the class of "oh ten."

She was later adorned with her onyx bling,
From then on she knew she had The World on a Ring.
Soon after that came the Cornhuskin' show,
Stuck in a Storybook, with the original dance off, yo.
Through mulch piles, bushes, across campus she looked,
Everywhere and anywhere for that darn wooden crook.
Her last name is Cokely in honor of Dr. C,
With her as our advisor, we're the best we can be.

As the end of our time at MC draws near,
Charley will stay behind, to remain forever here.

She will reflect our good times and help us recall
The blood, sweat, and tears... we've been through it all.
From rehearsing on the island 'til Nancy Pelosi arrived,
To tunnel painting in the dark so as to finish in time.
Speaking of corn, she won't let us forget
Dr. Hartford's gangster moves in our daylight procesh.
From getting behind the TV to riding in a U-Haul,
She'll help us remember these times, one and all.
She knows the significance of a single shopping cart
And will never again drink Coke Zero after Can Art.
She'll help us Playback these moments so dear,
Like when we became Avenging Angels this year,
Or the creation of Supper Club to celebrate being winners
Like old ladies we gather for potluck dinners.
Perhaps this tradition will outlast them all,
For in 20 years we will gather and 'Dirty Pop' 'til we fall.
Charley also reminds us of an event so grand,
Her middle name is Alice, as in Wonderland.
As seniors, we could have asked for nothing more
Than to experience Alice during year four.

You'll notice that Charley's not like other dolls,
She has auburn hair and is dressed for the fall.
She wears semi-formal attire for the White Iris Ball.
Her shining gold heels help her to stand tall.
Her brown flowing dress has a green satin bow.
She's stylish and classy and it's not just for show.
She represents each and everyone of us, the Class of '08.
The closest class of best friends brought together by fate.
Through thick and thin, we've stuck together.
And through this doll, will be remembered forever.
She proudly symbolizes our sisterhood, our memories, our friends,
And our mottoes: YOU KNOW, WE RUN THIS, THE END.


2009 Doll It is with great honor and pride that we present our Class of 2009 doll, HILARY JEAN PERDUE. Her first name is chosen out of love and adoration for our beloved class adviser, Hilary Allen, who has blessed our class with her support and love of Meredith College. Her middle name is that of someone who has had great influence on our class as an "odd" alum of the Class of 1975 and shown her support by being there as we enjoyed "Moonlight & Magnolias" and "Pretty in Onyx," Dr. Jean Jackson. Her last name holds historical significance as it was chosen from the last name of the first female Governor of North Carolina, Beverly Perdue, reminding us as women that anything is possible.

Hilary stands 21 inches tall. She is wearing a brightly colored sundress reminiscent of "Here Comes the Sun" and "Tea by the Sea," as well as her favorite pair of rainbow sandals, which let her dance the night away with her guardian angel at "A Night Just for Us." She also wears pearl earrings and her MC 09 charm. On her wrist she wears a charm bracelet full of memories. The first charm is a world which represents "Our World Our Responsibility," the orientation theme from when we came to Meredith as freshmen. The next four charms are symbols of our Cornhuskin' themes: an 80 for our freshman theme, "Made in the 80s," a princess crown for our sophomore theme, "A Dream Come True," a baseball glove for our junior theme, "Diamonds Are a Girls' Best Friend," and a pair of cat eye sunglasses for our senior theme, "Let the Good Times Roll." The last charm is a gradation cap and it commemorates the closing of our chapter at Meredith. Aside from all her other accessories, Hilary always wears her favorite piece of jewelry: her Meredith Onyx!

With her green canvas bag, Hilary is not only "going green," but also supporting her Avenging Angels! Her bag is also adorned with an "I Voted" sticker noting this year's historical election and a pink ribbon showing her support of Breast Cancer Awareness as well as remembering legendary N.C. State Women's basketball coach, Kay Yow. The inside of her bag holds many memories and prized possessions. Hilary has learned to always carry an umbrella because with our class, there's always a chance of rain! An oddball wig and shades are close to her heart for they remind her of her dear oddballs: Shades, Big Wig, Lil' Wig, and Throw Dem Bows; she will always know how to Jigalo! A daisy chain represents our special bond with our big sis class of 2007 and little sis class of 2011. Also in her bag is a very important stick, the Crook, commemorating the "odd find" of April 19, 2008.

A special thanks to Connie Cooke for making her dress, Charlene Wicker for styling her hair, and the Class of 2009 for their excitement and support!!

The Class of 2009 Class Doll Tri-Chairs: Bethany Burriss, Courtney Cooke & Jennifer Inscoe