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The Margaret Bright Gallery of Class Dolls

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1950 doll "All the dolls of the 1950s are dressed in the white gowns of the Class Day celebration, so there are no saddle oxfords or pony tails." (Ramona Jones, Raleigh Times, 1981) This doll wears a white dress with a long skirt.


1951 doll Jamie Perry Cox and Betsy Jordan Goldston dressed Miss 1951, copying an outfit that Betsy had made for herself. Betsy wrote, "When the choice had to be made whether to let the stuffed portion of the legs show or to have the correct '51 hem length, the correct hem length won, as the outfit testifies."


1952 doll Jane Slate Brooks and Louise Stewart Lominac dressed this doll.


1953 doll Jeanette Leonard Overby prepared this doll.


Mary Jo Griffin Hooks dressed Miss 1954 in a white dotted Swiss dress.


1955 doll This doll wears a long white dress. Miss 1955 was dressed by Larue Taylor Pollard, nee Taylor, a home economics major.


1956 doll Miss 1956 is costumed in a long white dress with ruffles on the sleeves and neck. She has flowers at the waist.


1957 doll This doll has a long white dress with a billowing skirt and wears a necklace.


1958 doll Fay Chandler Honeycutt and Marcia Allen Bryce dressed this doll. By this time, it was the tradition for home economics majors to dress the doll. Fay reported that Ellen Brewer, professor of home economics from 1922-1966, was a little upset because the doll’s dress was short, and this was somewhat a break with tradition. The dress was white in a chemise style with loose straight lines, unfitted waistline, and a belt at the hip line. (The belt is now at the waist.)


1959 doll Miss 1959 wears a mid-calf length white dress with a big collar. There are red flowers at the waist.