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The Margaret Bright Gallery of Class Dolls

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1970 Doll This doll was nicknamed Petunia by her dressmakers, Gary Clarke, Jean Wolf, and Suzanne George. She is the first doll to wear a pants suit.


1971 Doll Jane Holloway Woodard dressed this doll. The class voted to have her dressed like their May Day court outfits, lavender “peasant dresses” with matching hats.


1972 Doll Ruth Edwards Nicholson, Rosemary Moore Steffens, and Marcia Miller Schmid dressed Miss '72 to reflect the "in" apparel of the time: long pants, knitted vest, and clogs. They tried wire-rim glasses, but the fitting was a failure.


1973 Doll Marywalker Havnaer Romanus outfitted her class doll in lime green pants, blue turtleneck, knitted vest, blue and green seersucker blazer, clogs, and shag hairstyle.


1974 Doll Wyn Turlington Page sent us this story about the 1974 doll. She and Mary Warren Ayers Rose designed the clothes using styles and ideas relative to that time to make a statement about themselves as women. Admittedly, they "borrowed" the top design from a black jersey shirt Wyn had in her closet. It was appliquéd on the front with a sequined antique car. Wyn purchased that top when she traveled with a Meredith tour group to England in December 1973. Since she and Mary Warren liked the funky look, they kept the idea, but modified it to “Ms,” indicating the importance of the women's movement at that time. The “Ms" term served practical as well as symbolic purposes. It eliminated the confusion of marital status in addressing another person. It was also a significant expression of women's individuality, independence, and equality. The slacks were styled in the 1974 look—high waisted and cuffed. The cork wedgies were also a popular look of the day. Larry Page, who is now Wyn's husband, made the doll's shoes. Mary Warren and Wyn chose the cloth for the top and the slacks. However, since neither of them could sew, they enlisted Karen McLean to stitch up the outfit. Meredith Abroad program for foreign study is initiated.


1975 Doll This doll wears the pin of the International Women's Year and was dressed by Anna Tarry Hewlitt and Gail Davis Batts. Thesia Garner made the shoes.


1976 Doll Miss 1976 is dressed in a denim skirt, tee shirt, tie scarf, and rope-sole sandals, with earrings.


1977 Doll She has a Dorothy Hamill haircut (remember the famous Olympic ice skater?) and was dressed by Jeanne Bray in gray gauchos and vest with white cowl-necked sweater and add-a-bead necklace. Suzanne Styron made the sweater and necklace and Mark C. Garrett made the boots.


1978 Doll This doll wears a sleeveless sundress of printed flower fabric.


1979 Doll Najla Nave dressed the class doll. She reports, "The shirtdress style was chosen because it was popular while we were students.” She added a ribbon belt and headband. Najla said that because espadrilles were popular, they were used. She made them of canvas and glued twine around the bottom as roping.