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The Margaret Bright Gallery of Class Dolls

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2010 Doll Iris Elizabeth Green, '10
Iris is named after the main character of our winning Cornhuskin' senior year skit, and it is our College flower. Her middle name, Elizabeth, symbolized the impact that Elizabeth "Betsy" Dunn Williams has had on our class for the past four years and the entire Meredith community. Betsy entered with us our freshman year and has continued to support us throughout many four years here at Meredith. Her last name, Green, is in honor of our Class Advisor, Danny Green. We are so grateful for Danny's dedication and endless enthusiasm for our class. If you didn't know, green is also one of our class colors.
Iris has a stylish haircut with side swept bangs to represent the classic and popular style of 2010. She is ready for spring with her cute tunic top, skinny dark jeans and patent leather flats. Iris is wearing her bracelet from the Queen of Hearts, Charming Evening. She is most proud of her bling, her Meredith College onyx.
Beside her stands a "Seussical" suitcase that once told a very Tall Tale, and it holds all of her Meredith treasures. These treasures include her copy of Oh the Places You Go! and Pride and Prejudice. She has Meredith College Avenging Angels towel from the Track and Field Opening in September 2009, a Queen of Hearts card to represent Charming Evening from sophomore year, and watch to symbolize that this is "No Ordinary Time" and she is no "Ordinary woman." She also carries a camera to help her capture all of the wonderful events that she has participated in at Meredith. She also took this camera when she studied abroad, so it has been through a lot.
Iris carries a satchel over her shoulder to keep all of her necessary items close. Her red pin on the satchel bag commemorates those lost in the earthquake in Haiti this past spring. Iris keeps her iPhone even closer in her pocket to stay updated on class emails and upcoming Meredith events. Since freshman year, she has kept her clutch ready for every new adventure. Inside of her clutch is her camcard and key to her apartment at the newly opened Oaks. Iris has a Visa for those little emergencies... like that dress she forgot to buy for yet another class tradition. And finally with all of the sunny events, Iris has her aviator sunglasses for defense.

Note: Accessories not photographed. All items on display in Johnson Hall.


2011 Doll Annie Ross Hartford, '11
It is with pleasure that the Class of 2011 announces the senior class doll: Annie Ross Hartford. This young woman's name is of special importance. Her first name, Annie, hails from our senior Cornhuskin' skit's lead character who brought us all together for one last dance. Her middle name is in honor of our class advisor, Peggy Ross, a woman who has provided guidance and support to us over the past four years. Finally, Annie's surname, Hartford, is named in honor of Dr. Hartford and her final years of service to Meredith. Annie's clothing and accessories are all chosen specifically to draw attention to cultural trends and important moments of our college years. She is dressed in a comfortable yet fashionable outfit of a white tank, a navy blue cardigan, skinny jeans, and sparkly silver TOMS. However, the tag on her TOMS appropriately reads MCG. Her outfit is accessorized by trendy long necklaces and a scarf and classy pearl earrings. In her hair she is wearing a Corn headband; she just can't get enough of that wonderful time of year! Of course, her right hand is outfitted with her onyx; it is the only jewelry she can't leave home without. Annie is also carrying a Longchamp bag with all of the essentials: her Cam Card in a Vera Bradley ID case just like the one her Big Sis got her on move in day, her keys to Apartment 2011 as one of the first residents to move into The Oaks, and sunglasses. She needs something to protect her eyes from the bright future she sees ahead!

Situated next to Annie is her toy box where she keeps all of the items that remind her of her most treasured memories at Meredith. This toy box, even the Think Green at Meredith and Meredith Athletics stickers on the outside are important. Although these 11 items could never take the place of her years at Meredith, they will remind her of the sweet memories and traditions she has to carry with her. First, Annie has a soda can to remind her of 2011's sense of accomplishment over four years of Can Art victories. Just looking at the can reminds her of iPods, recycling bins, guitars, and rocket ships. In fact, her freshman year Cornhuskin' was such a remarkable experience that her iPod, the second item in the toy box, is set to play "Knock on Wood" so she can start a Dance Revolution whenever she wants. Next to the iPod is Annie's scrapbook with tickets to those special events like Tea for Two, Guardian Angel Dance, Charming Evening, Ring Dinner, and Senior Parent Night. Each ticket carries enough memories to fill pages. When Annie looks at the next two items in the toy box, her class charm on its black ribbon and a unique rope that is half of a daisy chain and half of a tug-of-war rope, she has fond memories of sophomore year. Although Annie is always sad to think about when her Big Sis left, these two items remind her of how wonderful the transition to an upperclasswoman and role model really was.

And, of course, she can't forget how the odds were always in her favor when it came to tug-of-war! Annie's toy box wouldn't be complete without at least a few items showing her ODD spirit. Her tie-dyed t-shirt and black glove that she wore at Class Day should be enough to remind her of those Odd Balls and the way they always encouraged her to throw her hands up once every night in November. The next three items in the toy box are from Annie's last years at Meredith. The crook with its rainbow ribbon bring back both memories of flashlights and grids of campus as well as the exhilaration she felt when it was found with only 17 minutes to spare. The paintbrush with its rainbow-painted bristles is a reminder of the countless hours spent with classmates painting Cornhuskin' props and the tunnel. A few paint drops are even left-over from when she worked tirelessly to repaint the tunnel to show how Meredith girls can work through any obstacle, even vandalism. Finally, the coozie is from Annie's final days at Meredith where she and her friends worked together to give back to the place that given so much to them through their generous donations to the Senior Class Gift. The last and maybe most important item in the toy box is the spirit stick. While Annie never wants to forget a Cornhuskin' dance or speaker at a traditional event, she knows she will never forget the way the class of 2011 bonded over the years and became friends, then sisters, and then family.

Note: Accessories not photographed. All items on display in Johnson Hall.


2012 Doll August 21, 2008
Dear Journal,
When my grandmother gave me this journal for graduation and told me that just like when she was at Meredith, I would want to record all of my memories and experiences before I forgot, I accepted it graciously but thought “I’m never going to take the time to write in this”. But here I am, one week into my college experience and I feel this overwhelming need to record all the amazing things that have happened just in this short period of time. When my parents and I brought my first boxes of things up to my new dorm room I was overwhelmed by the brightly colored and glittery signs covering everyone’s doors with pictures of daisies and rings, teacups and angel wings. I couldn’t help but smile when I got to my door and was greeted with a beautiful sign of my own, complete with illustrations of all the wonderful traditions yet to come, signed with love from my big sis. Just this small gesture eased some of the anxiety I was feeling about being on my own. I’ve only been here a week and already I feel like this is home. How strange is it that just a week ago five of us sat in the parlor homesick and missing our families? In a way, it feels like that was just a dream and we have finally woken up amongst friends, in a place that feels comfortably like home. Sometimes I wish I could rewind my life and go back to move-in day so that I could take it all in with the serenity I feel now. But I guess that is part of the journey to get where I am… and where I’m going….where we are all going.
I promise to write again soon, my grandmother would be so proud!
Love Always,

November 6, 2009
My second Cornhuskin’ has gone by in a flash and it felt just as exciting as the first! I can’t believe how many weeks we spent practicing and how I learned all those dances AND somehow remembered all the words to the Canterbury Tales at the same time! When my mom bought me a set of pots and pans for cooking mac-and-cheese in the parlor I bet she never thought I was going to be banging them together, dressed in all black as I ran down the halls of Heilman with the rest of my class! Our theme for Cornhuskin’ was Night in the Rotunda; kind of like Night in the Museum except all the dolls come to life. After the parade we serenaded our Big Sis class at the rotunda and even though almost everyone began to tear up, they were happy tears. My big sis has been such a huge part of my first two years and although I’ll miss her when she leaves, I can’t wait to get a little of my own. All my old high school friends think I’m crazy when I tell them we stayed up until 2am the night before practicing our dance to Thriller in the parking lot! Of course, everyone here understands…further proof that this is the place I am meant to be. Although my body may never fully recover, all of those late-night practices truly paid off….our Thriller routine was incredible! Actually, everything about tonight was incredible. Our song, our skit, our costumes, and winning 2nd place! I’m not sure we’ll be able to top how amazing this year was but I can’t wait to try next fall!

October 22nd, 2010
I never understood the hundreds of pictures the classes before me would take holding up their hands to sport that shiny black ring until I put mine on tonight. I finally carry with me a symbol of my sisters distinguishing us as an elite group of women all bound by the spirit of Meredith. As I stepped out of the elevator onto the top floor of the Capital City Club I felt as if I had been immediately transformed into the glamorous and sophisticated women that this ring would distinguish me as. Elegant and glittering decorations only added to the magic of the night that truly become evident when we stopped to watch the firework display from the fair over the Raleigh skyline. It truly had become a magical night at the top. When I slid my ring from its box and onto my right hand I felt connected not only with everyone else in my class, but also with the generations of women who had come before me. I long for the day when someone recognizes me as a Meredith woman by ring as I have heard other graduates speak of time and time again. This ring represents everything I have worked for and everything I will become later in life; while other jewelry has and will be a gift from others and will represent different milestones in life, this ring will be with me always and forever remind me of long days spend studying under the oak trees, of giant corns parading down the front drive, of searching through bushes for a crooked stick, and of the sisterhood I share with thousands of other women.
With love always,
When we met last June to start planning we immediately agreed upon two things: her name, and that what we wanted her to represent first and foremost was how classic and timeless our class is. We chose Alice to represent not only the Alice in Wonderland tradition that we experienced this year but also to represent all of the traditions that have been so important to our class during our time here. Jo is, of course, in honor of our 8th president, Dr. Joe Allen. And Oliver was chosen to celebrate our original class advisor Amanda Oliver, who led our class for three years with enthusiasm and lots of love. As many of you know, the class doll was traditionally dressed in a white class day dress in which everyone had the same style. At some point that tradition changed to include more current styles and lots of accessories. We wanted to combine both the past and present in that we would represent the style of our class and our graduating year but that we would bring the tradition back to its roots. This year was especially monumental in that Meredith welcomed our 8thPresident, Dr. Jo Allen. Coinciding with Dr. Allen’s vision for the college and the theme for the inaugural ceremony, Remembering our Roots and Extending our Reach, we wanted this doll to embody our class, Dr. Allen, and the point of history that Meredith is at right now. Like the first class dolls to be added to the cases in Johnson hall, Alice Jo Oliver is wearing a white class day dress and will be presented not with accessories and symbolic objects, but by herself. Her only belonging besides her ensemble is her journal. You just heard entries from her first three years at Meredith and as you might imagine, she has one more to write before we graduate that you will hear at class day. In addition to thanking Dr. Jo Allen and Amanda Oliver for the influence and support they have had in our class, we would also like to recognize and thank Brandon Stokes and Meredith Moody for stepping in and helping our class finish out our senior year strong. The class of 2012 exemplifies the traditions of Meredith and we hope you love Alice as much as we do. -Christina Mendenhall and Emily Pappas, Class of 2012 Class Doll co-chairs


2013 Doll Hi! My name is Sloane Lux Allen.
I am a proud member of the Class of 2013. My name is in honor of Tomecca Sloane, Hillary Allen and our 8th M.C. President, Dr. Jo Allen. My middle name “Lux” serves as a reminder to shine my light into the world. I represent the spirit of the Class of 2013: its vibrancy, diversity, individuality, and excitement for life. I’m wearing the go-to outfit for MCG’s — leggings with a comfy tank and a trendy Aztec cardigan; of course not without my satchel, boyfriend watch, Moon & Lola monogram necklace and my onyx bling. My daisy headband is a reminder of the daisy chain I made with my sisters on Class Day and signifies our eternal bond. I’ve had the memory board beside me since freshmen year where I like to document the events and traditions I’ve gotten to experience. The Class of 2013 shares an inherent drive to serve our local and global community. My alma mater will always have an important place in my heart, but I am excited about my future. I am ready to show the world the strong independent woman Meredith has taught me to be.

Note: Accessories not photographed. All items on display in Johnson Hall.


2014 doll Hi! My name is Oakley August Green, and I’m part of the class of 2014.
My first name comes from the oak trees, which symbolize how deeply rooted the class of 2014 is to each other and to Meredith College. Our bond is strong, and we will always grow together as a class. My middle name has two meanings. The first is from the month of August, which is when we all joined together to form the class of 2014, as well as when we were reunited each year during our time here at Meredith College. The second meaning comes from the word august, which means respected and impressive. As a class, we worked hard to earn the respect of our classmates and faculty. We were also involved in some impressive events and community involvement, which helped Meredith College become the great college it is today. My last name, Green, is to honor Danny Green, our class advisor. He was there for our class from the very beginning, giving us unfailing support and love, so it’s only right that we pay tribute to him this way.

My red hair is right on trend, and I was joined in trying the bold color by a lot of my classmates during our time here. My shirt is styled like a t-shirt (we all know Meredith girls love their t-shirts), but is trendy enough that it could be worn out and about. I’m also wearing black skinny jeans, which are classy and ready for any occasion. I have on a pearl bracelet, and of course, I’m wearing my onyx, which is turned out to the world! My red shoes will always remind me that there’s no place like my Meredith home (a tribute to our sophomore Cornhuskin’ theme, which was Wizard of Oz). My clutch is decorated with the Mereworts crest, in honor of our junior Cornhuskin’ theme. Inside the clutch, I’m carrying headphones because Life is a Song (our freshman Corn theme) and I also have a pawprint from Kimba, who starred in our senior Cornhuskin’ (Lion King theme).

Even though my classmates have left campus to take on the world, I’m here as a reminder of their days spent at Meredith. I know that even though we’re now scattered, our class will always continue to grow together and find strength in the memories of our sisterhood. We are bold, classy, and capable of anything!

-- Madelynn Archer and Blake Williams helped me pick out my outfit.


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2015 Doll Victoria “Vicky” Alexis Seuss was presented to the Alumnae Association by the Class of 2015 on Class Day in the Amphitheater on May 8, 2015.

2015 Doll Victoria “Vicky” Alexis Seuss was presented to the Alumnae Association by the Class of 2015 on Class Day in the Amphitheater on May 8, 2015.

Victoria Alexis Seuss name was inspired by three sources. Her first name, Victoria, or Vicky, remembers Vicky Pivitsirpakde, a class mate who passed in December 2014.  The class remembers Vicky’s hardworking spirit, her genuine heart that inspired others, her determination that motivated her class mates and her bravery when following her dreams.

“Alexis” honors the Class of 2015’s president, Alexis Trell, who worked diligently and selflessly for the unity of the class. Alexis represented the type of leadership the class members aspire to as independent and  strong women.

And finally, Vicky’s last name “Seuss” remembers the senior’s Cornhuskin’s theme – “Oh the Places We’ve Been,” borrowed from Dr. Seuss’s, “Oh the Places You’ll Go.” This theme reminds us of the journey of life and its changes. While life can be difficult, the Class of 2015 will face up to each challenge. 

Vicky is dressed in a white peplum dress to honor this Class Day and its traditions. Over her dress, she is wearing her commencement cap and gown to symbolize each class member’s hard work, determination and feeling of accomplishment. Vicky's mortarboard is decorated with her monogram.


2016 DollThe Class of 2016 presented their Class Doll, Millie Meredith Stokes, at the Class Day celebrations on May 6, 2016.

2016 DollThe Class of 2016 presented their Class Doll, Millie Meredith Stokes, at the Class Day celebrations on May 6, 2016.

Millie’s name has three sources of inspiration. Her first name, “Millie” was the name of the main character in the classes’ Cornhuskin’ skit. “Meredith” is to honor both Thomas Meredith, one of the founders of the college and Meredith Moody, one of the classes’ advisors. “Stokes” honors the classes’ other advisor, Brandon Stokes.

The Class of 2016 was proud that Millie Meredith Stokes, as the first Latina class doll, represents the growing diversity at Meredith College.

Millie Meredith Stokes is dressed in a typical “going to class” outfit, consisting of a Meredith College spirit jersey, black leggings and white Converse. She is also wearing her favorite jewelry: a Fitbit, her Onyx, gold hoop earrings, and a pearl cartilage piercing. In addition, Millie Meredith Stokes holds a string of flags of the countries that the Class of 2016 calls home.

Millie Meredith Stoke’s cooler signifies the time capsule from the Fire and Ice ceremony during the classes’ freshmen year. It holds a Meredith laptop bag (as the Class of 2016 was the last to participate in the MC laptop program), an umbrella for the many rainy nights of senior Cornhuskin, a balloon for the yearlong Meredith college 125th celebration, and a mini Alice in Wonderland book for the faculty presentation of Alice, as well as for the many “whimsical adventures” in the Wonderland that is Meredith College.


2017 DollThe Class Doll for the Class of 2017 was presented to the Alumnae Association on May 12, 2017 in Jones Auditorium.

2017 DollThe Class Doll for the Class of 2017 was presented to the Alumnae Association on May 12, 2017 in Jones Auditorium.

Her name, MaryAnn Elizabeth Coley Marin honors past class president Andrea Elisabeth DeJesus Leza Campos and present class president Katerina (Katie) Coley Pittman Ross, as well as faculty advisors Margo Alfieri and Erin Cleghorn.

MaryAnn is dressed in Meredith College colors – a burgundy jacket, black leggings and boots.

As MaryAnn is visually impaired, her service dog, Ruby Doo is by her side, her orange harness adorned with the names of the traditions experienced by the Class of 2017. (By the way, Ruby Doo also was a star of her freshman year Cornhuskin’.)

In her backpack, MaryAnn carries reminders of her college experience: shoes representing the Avenging Angels athletes, a rainbow pin for the LGBTQ community, a student advisor pin, an umbrella pin as a reminder of all the rain during campus events, a doll for the Little Sis Class and a trophy and spirit stick for back-to-back Cornhuskin’ championships.


2018 doll Name: Brittlyn Fate Valley. She is sporting a trendy outfit with nods to the class’ Cornhuskin’ themes and her suitcase is filled with keepsakes from traditions and flags from the countries represented by her classmates.

2018 dollName: Brittlyn Fate Valley. She is sporting a trendy outfit with nods to the class’ Cornhuskin’ themes and her suitcase is filled with keepsakes from traditions and flags from the countries represented by her classmates.


2019 doll Hi everyone! My name is Hannah-Cate Joy Strong, and I am a proud member of the class of 2019!

2019 doll Hi everyone! My name is Hannah-Cate Joy Strong, and I am a proud member of the class of 2019!

I have a double name like some of my class of 2019 sisters. The first part of my name, as well as my blonde hair and blue eyes, are a reflection of my amazing class president, Hannah Kicklighter. Hannah has been our class president since freshman year, and has been a wonderful role model, friend, and sister to all. The second part, Cate, is the building in which our class studies, grabs a snack or coffee between class, or purchases one of our many t-shirts! The Cate Center is where many of my sisters hang out and has recently been through some major updates and renovations! My middle name, Joy, reminds my sisters of our first Cornhuskin’ when we “Experienced Meredith Inside and Out”; although we focused on all of our emotions with this theme, JOY is the emotion I have felt most throughout my time here! My last name represents the new brand that Meredith created during my freshman year, “Going Strong” and reminds my sisters of their unique strengths that have flourished over the past four years.

My outfit is what you’ll see many of my sisters wearing out and about in Raleigh. My maroon sweater is not only stylish, but is a way to show off my Avenging Angel school spirit. My blue jean skirt was a trend in the 90’s and has come back around in my college years. My black knee high boots add another touch of the MC colors and are a popular choice for any outfit! I am wearing colorful acrylic earrings to represent a new fashion trend and to show how diverse and fun my class is! I wear a blue ribbon bracelet in honor of a very special member of my class, Macy Messer. Macy has made the traditions at Meredith extra special, and 2019 is lucky to have her. My pearl necklace is cute and classy…“Rare as a diamond, classy as a pearl, nothing compares to a Meredith College girl!” Lastly, you won’t catch me without my class ring on because no Meredith Angel is fully dressed without her onyx!

In my backpack, you will find lollipops which are reminiscent of the best memories in Wonderland with our little sis class. Class of 2021, it has been so SWEET to love you these past two years, and we can’t wait to keep watching you grow. You will also find a laptop to represent all of the hard work my sisters and I do in our classes here, and to remind one of my makers, MaryClaire, of her time spent designing and working on computers. The dance shoes remind my other maker, Kirby, and her fellow dancers of the many hours spent in the dance studio for classes, MDT, and MJTCO! The rainbow ribbon tied around my bag is to show love and support for our LGBTQ community. The last object in my backpack is a nightcap from senior year Corn with an odd ball attached. This reminds my class of our hard work at practices, is a shout out to our co-chairs, Erin and Alicia, and is a shout out to our ODD class and our four class odd balls: Viana, Mary Ray, Olivia, and Erin, whom we all love so much and keep us laughing at every tradition!

I hold a balloon arch above my head for many reasons. This balloon arch is what welcomed me and my sisters’ home four years ago and has shown up at many special events. The pins you see are in honor of our four Cornhuskin’ themes: Experiencing Meredith Inside & Out, Stronger in the Witchhood, Bling Ring Bonanza, and It’s been a Dream on Cloud 19! You also see a “Never Been 3rd” pin, since our class is so unique that we never placed 3rd in Corn! We did, however, win the spirit stick and 1st place senior year, which is what our trophy proudly represents.