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Friends of the Carlyle Campbell Library: About the Friends

Officers of the Board

Samantha Cibelli (contact her)

Vice-President for Membership
Janice Swab (contact her)

Vice-President for Programs
Rebecca Duncan (contact her)

Lauren Huber (contact her)

Past President
Frannie Ashburn (contact her)

Dean of Library Information Services
Laura Davidson (contact her)

Executive Committee
Frances Brooks
Sandra Close
Joe Mobley

Mission Statement and Historical Note

Mission Statement

The mission of the Friends of the Carlyle Campbell Library is to promote, support, and encourage the services and interests of the Library and to build a strong relationship between the Library; the Meredith community of students, faculty, staff, alumnae and scholars; and the friends of the College within the wider community.

Historical Note

The Meredith Friends of the Library was established in 1941 with the purpose of adding to the cultural environment of the College and community. They have focused on this purpose in two ways: by contributing financially to the library and sponsoring speakers of interest to lovers of books and learning. Over the years the Friends have brought many speakers to the campus.

Friends Projects

Digitization Initiative

Friends of the Library sponsored the digitization of key College historical documents including trustee minutes, The TwigThe Meredith Herald, and Meredith Magazine.  Copies of college catalogues and student handbooks were also digitized.  

Student Essay Contest

Each year, the Friends of the Library sponsors an essay contest for students with a cash award for the winner and Quail Ridge Book gift certificates for the runners up.  Contests alternate between written and video essays.  

Library Faculty Award

Each year library staff recognize a member of the Meredith faculty for their support of library initiatives and student research.  For the Spring 2012 program, all faculty who had published works in the last three years were recognized by the Friends.

Extended Exam Hours

Friends of the Library provide support to hire additional staff to keep the library open 24 hours per day during exams.

Collection purchases

Friends of the Library funds support the purchase of information to expand the Carlyle Campbell Library's collection and support student research.

Organization Documents