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Friends of the Carlyle Campbell Library: Fall 2016 Dinner

By Bill Price

Making Memoirs

Bill Price Small Circle cover Bill Price 1966 Cover Bill Price

Making Memoirs

Our featured speaker will be Bill Price, talking about his latest projects, his recent memoirs 1966: My Vietnam Year published in 2014 and A Small Circle: Will, Elizabeth, Reynolds, and Bill published this year. We are also looking forward to recognizing the recent publications of members of the Meredith faculty.

Bill Price is well known to our Friends members. He has served as president of the organization as well as serving a number of years on the Board. He was a member of Meredith's History and Politics Department for a number of years after retiring as the Director of the Division of Archives and History in the North Carolina Division of Cultural Resources. In his retirement, his historical skills have turned from early American and the South to focus on family history. Regarding the two recent memoirs, he says, "I had superb primary sources for the Vietnam book, but few for the family memoir.  Those contrasts dictated different strategies." Those differing strategies will inform his presentation for us. 

He has also on the Friends of the Library program three times, twice with his brother, Reynolds, and a third time to talk about Reynolds.