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Friends of the Carlyle Campbell Library: Spring 2013 Dinner


Fall Dinner Meeting

When:  March 14, 2013, 6:30pm

Where: Belk Dining Hall, West side

Who:  Dr. William S. Price, Jr.

We enjoyed a moving description of Reynolds Price's experiences from his memoir and Bill's last days with his brother. 

William S. Price, Jr., Friends Board member and retired Meredith faculty member, will talk with us about Reynolds Price, his brother, and the memoir, Midstream: An unfinished memoir.


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Constitutional Amendment

Constitutional amendment proposal

Revise Article IV--Officers to delete reference to the office of treasurer:

The officers of this association shall be a president, a first vice-president, a second vice- president, a secretary, and the Dean of the Meredith Library ex officio, and a treasurer ex officio who shall be the chief financial officer of Meredith College. The elected officers shall be elected by a majority of those present and voting at the annual meeting. There shall also be an executive committee, which shall consist of the president, immediate past president, the vice-presidents, the secretary, the Dean of the Meredith library ex officio, the treasurer ex officio, and three members elected by a majority of those present and voting at the annual meeting. This committee shall manage the affairs of the association in the interval between annual meetings. Officers shall be eligible for election to no more than two consecutive annual terms of the same office.


At the request of Meredith's Vice President for Business and Finance, Craig Barfield, the Friends Board recommends discontinuing the practice of appointing the College's Chief Financial Officer to the Board as Treasurer.  After discussing the request, the Board agreed and determined that there was no need to have a treasurer.  The Dean of the Meredith Library manages the Friends budget and advises the board of the status of their funds.


Bylaws Amendment Proposal

Bylaws Amendment Proposal: add family membership categories

A. Annual Membership- within the class of annual membership there shall be the following categories of annual members:
(i) individual contributing member- $25.00 per year annual membership fee.
(ii) individual sustaining member- $100.00 per year annual membership fee. As part of their membership, sustaining members will receive two dinner tickets each year [to be used during the year]
(iii) individual student member- $10.00 per year annual membership fee.
(iv) family contributing member--$40.00 per year annual membership fee.

B. Life Membership- upon payment of the appropriate amount as listed below, which may be paid in installments over a twelve (12) month period, an individual or family is entitled to life membership.
Payment during college fiscal year 1985/86- $200.00 Individual life membership
Payment during college fiscal year 1986/87- $300.00 Individual life membership
Payment during college fiscal year 1987/88- $400.00 Individual life membership
Payment during college fiscal year 1988/89- (i) $500.00 Individual life membership
(ii) $750.00 family life membership (an individual life member may add another family member to their existing life membership upon payment of $250.00)

In talking with prospective Friends members, Board members have observed an interest in creating a family membership category.  We have added one such category for annual memberships and one category for life members.  Because existing life members may want to add a family member to their membership, we have created a mechanism to allow conversion of individual memberships to family memberships.  A review of the original bylaws resulted in the recommended deletion of some outdated clauses.

Business meeting

Membership meeting business agenda:

  • Election of officers and of board members of the class of 2016
  • Constitutional amendment to discontinue the office of treasurer (see below)
  • Addition of membership categories for families (by-laws amendment, see below)